Bluey · @BlueyRL

9th Oct 2016 from TwitLonger

We Dem Babies Disbands

HeyGuys , Bluey here,
With this twitlonger We Dem Babies (Bluey, Scrub Killa and Mistake) will no longer be a team :/
It was so fun while it lasted and we had so many great, funny times but all things must come to an end. No hard feelings in the team just some complications and timing. For me, i'll be looking for a team to compete with in the @RLCS Season 3. For Scrub, he'll be making a banterous team compiled of yemen, scrub and mike. ( he told me xd) As for mistake, i guess he'll be looking for a team aswell but unfortunately he cannot play in the rlcs as he lives in israel FeelsBadMan. Thanks guys for all the love and support, it was so fun to play in this team, i've learnt alot of things and had fun being a part of it. Thanks guys for reading and good night :P

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