Lace · @LaceWasTaken

21st Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

Team Announcement

After 2 weeks of trying out several players I've came up with a roster that is(in my opinion) capable of challenging the best in CC.

-Introducing Hysteria- :)

ADC: Lace(me) (@LaceWasTaken)
Support/Captain: Deathpanter (@DeathPanter)
Mid: Tynz (@Tynzou)
Jungle: Gorgonzolla (@_Gorgonzolla)
Solo: N0Numbers (@N0Numbers)

However, Gorgon is currently on vacation right now so we are looking for a Jungle to sub in for the first week of CC, we're also looking for a sub(multi-role) and a Coach, If you're interested please DM me.

We're all really excited for this upcoming split and wish all the other teams the best of luck :D

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