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21st Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

Quick thoughts on Star Citizen Gamescom 2016

It's all bullshit. It's staged using an R&D dev branch which was already shown two weeks ago and CLEARLY STATED BY THE DEVS to be in R&D and (I quote): may never be done.

Sources say it was heavily scripted, and even that quest giver animation was done last month specifically for THIS canned/scripted Gamescom presentation.

Even the barren moon used for the procgen, anyone with access to CryEngine can put together in a weekend.

Note that they did this SAME thing ELEVEN months ago when it too was "coming soon". That was the Nyx (https://vimeo.com/137655209) base. Still MIA.

Aside from that, this was 2 clients in a controlled environment on a private local LAN server. Which is NOT indicative of the shit that was being streamed just days before at the show. And THAT version which is the 2.4x kernel, is still largely broken. Which, when you think about it, is hilarious that the 2.5 build they were hoping to use, is somehow a LOT worse than that one; so they couldn't even use it.

It's all designed to show "progress" where there is none. This was more to appease the whales (stuck in Sunk Cost Fallacy), and somehow con new gamers into giving them money because they DO need the new money.

Thing is, if this was 2 years ago, and they hadn't done this SAME SHIT before with various builds at PAX, GDC, E3, Gamescom, CitizenCon, nobody would care. But now, FIVE years - and going into year SIX and $119m later, this is still a pre-Alpha proof-of-concept tech demo that's nothing more than a glorified CryEngine mod.

Then there's Star Marine which they shit-canned months back. I wrote a huge blog about it amid the uproar. Then Chris went on the record and said that he was "annoyed" that people are asking about something that was "already in the game". Yes. With a straight face, he said that SM was already in the PU and being played.

Now that State and Fed officials are looking up their skirt, and given the fact that Star Marine - as a separate module - was PROMISED and PROMOTED for over FOUR years, all of a sudden, it's back again. That's what happens when you start to worry about the legal liabilities of your actions.

Not to mention the fact that the games were due out in Nov 2014. It's now Aug 2016. And neither Star Citizen nor SQ42 is going to be released before year end. So this Nov makes BOTH of them TWO YEARS late.

NONE of this sways my opinion about the game. They can't build it. They don't have the tech. They don't have the expertise. And now they've run out of TIME and MONEY.

Anyone who thinks this "game" is ever seeing the light of day, should just ignore me and go give them money.

To be CLEAR: This is NOT about raging against them for "trying". It's about HOW they've LIED CONSISTENTLY while raising money for a game they KNOW FULLY WELL they can't build. Also, it's not about whether or not it's alpha, pre-alpha, a tech demo or any of that. It's about THIS being WHAT they have FIVE years and $119 MILLION dollars later. Anyone who thinks that's somehow OK, SHOULD go give them money. Long after this shit-show collapses, most of us will just be staring into the abyss where dreams go to die.

It's amazing to me how Shitizens are claiming "victory" over a scripted demo based on wonky R&D. Like the games were suddenly delivered. Even as they conveniently ignore/forget that CIG have done this same very thing many times before and NONE of that is IN the game right now. Shitizens wanted "something" to tide them for the next 6 months. then come Dec 2016, they're going to (again) pretend Gamescom 2016 never happened. Meanwhile, they're completely oblivious to the fact that NEITHER Star Citizen now SQ42 is a 2016 release & BOTH will be 2 YEARS late in Nov 2016

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