[TRANS] 160404 Onew's interview with Grazia part 1

Q: You pose well! Last time as it was a group cut, I wasn't as appreciative of your skill. You seem familiar with the camera now?

A: Oh, is it that way? If the people I'm together with are relaxed, I feel comfortable too... Because originally taking pictures is somewhat hard for me, I belong to the side of finding this part of my work fairly difficult.

Q: In that case, do you find video filming more comfortable?

A: Ah, that's even harder, to make matters worse. Haha.

Q: I saw you received a curious question through Instagram. They doubted that you don't use correction apps on your phone...

A: I don't use any even though I'm not good at taking selcas. It's ok to live with your looks as they are haha. Appearing slightly better in a photo doesn't mean that photo would really make much of a difference.

Q: So that difference to you really isn't important.

A: Right. Since selcas are just to my own satisfaction. Even though there are people who take pictures for showing off to others, there isn't much of that in my case. Even my wallpaper is very simple, look.

Q: But even the default screen isn't filling up the whole screen?

A: Seems that way. Even the three digits are empty. Haha.

Q: Recently, have you caught every episode of 'Descendants of the Sun'?

A: Yes, I watch it with my mum at home every week. Rather than needlessly watching alone and feeling uneasy, I found I prefer to watch it with somebody that can be encouraging towards me.

Q: So, what are your thoughts?

A: It's really entertaining through the position of a viewer to look forward to next week's episode while watching. But at the same time I realized I felt strange too. Happy and gloomy thoughts come at the same time. I think "Ah, so that came out in that way again" since I haven't seen the editing before. I film my parts and don't monitor it after; I really see it for the first time on the live broadcast.

Q: In the last 6 episodes, at the moments of your sobbing scenes, it was the best record for viewer ratings.

A: I heard that too and was really surprised.

Q: It seems they would have been tough to film, like showing your emotions during the blast scene.

A: To get all the angles, we filmed that scene for 2 to 3 hours. I really sobbed all throughout that time. As well as the shot of my torso, the other actors upper body shots were filmed then too, up to when I was back on foot, I cried all the time. Because all the emotions in that scene had to be conveyed the same, I kept sobbing to the point that after filming I remember being droopy like seaweed. All my strength was gone and I had a dull headache. Honestly, I don't cry or show surprise well usually. In the little parts I have, my role itself means I put in a lot of effort to immerse myself into a character that shows many surprising and upset moments. When the filming finishes and I take a look at the script, I see I didn't do anything outside of that.

Q: As it's more than just filming once, is it easy for you to switch 'on and off' between your acting mode and normal self?

A: I feel I still can't do that well. Actually, recently it's been very on and off. When watching the broadcast, the feelings of that time come across again and I feel empathetic. Even in a day, my mood comes and goes at times.

Q: Even though it's an imaginary existence, what are the resemblances and differences between the character of Lee Chi Hoon and the real Onew?

A: Umm, we live differently, he has a child. There's quite a lot of diversity.

Q: Similar points?

A: I honestly don't know well. Although, I'd like to think there is something similar between that image and the person I am. Even though I usually don't cry well no matter what, seeing those kinds of performances again means I feel that I could be that kind of person.

Q: When you entered the work, were there any parts written carefully for you or times when the director or writer had talks with you?

A: There was almost no direction for me. Just an occasional "How about doing this part in this way?" but mainly I was told, "Do it how you want to. Try planning your own movements around the set too", it was done in this way.

Q: That seems even more difficult.

A: While thinking of the filming conditions in my head, I went to practice on my own but because there were big variations, in the early stages I fell into a mental collapse. I didn't want to be like this later so to be able to comfortably give and receive the lines, I focused a lot while practicing. I adjusted my movements to fit the filming site too. I thought of the site conditions during practice so my movements would be in best harmony with them during filming.

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[Translated from magazine scans by dubbabx2]

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