How would you like to be in MTMTE 50?

In next month's issue, in celebration of MTMTE reaching its half century, we're resurrecting the letters page.

This is an invitation to get your name in print and to share with other readers your thoughts on the last four years - favourite issues, stories, characters, character moments, you name it. Best of all would be an insight into what MTMTE means to you.

There's no word limit as such, but the shorter your correspondence, the more we can fit in - and we reserve the right to edit letters for space. You don't have to give your actual name, but we need some kind of identifier - your twitter handle, for example.

But listen -- time is of the essence. You only have until Sunday night to send something through...!

A special email has been set up - - so that your letters are immediately recognised as being intended for publication in issue 50. Sending something to that address indicates that the message is 'For Publication'. After Monday, once the pages have been finalised, the email account will be cancelled.

We can't promise to print every letter, but we'll squeeze in as many as we can.

Feel free to spread the word beyond Twitter to TF sites etc.

If you're moved to write, thank you. MTMTE would be nothing without its fans, and this is a chance to recognise and celebrate that.



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