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23rd Oct 2015 from TwitLonger

The case of ilovecreamsoda & doxing

I had said that I wasn't going to engage in any further back and forth over this bullshit.

Yet, here I am.

I am only writing this because now that I have created this Twitlonger and the imgur album, I don't have to keep repeating myself when I can just retweet. The SA forums are behind a $10 paywall. So images will have to do.


A Reddit user by the name of /u/ilovecreamsoda/ wrote a highly defamatory article a couple of days ago. He called it a "Threat Assessment Of Derek Smart".

He posted it on several sites including Reddit, Medium, Pastebin, Archive.is etc.

Among other things, he claimed that I was some sort of threat, had mental health issues and that as he was a "professional" in threat assessment and such things, thus he had the authority to write such things.

He later went to a legal sub-Red where he got royally chastised for what he'd done. In there, they explained to him precisely how badly he's screwed up.


Pretty much what some of the Redditors in /r/StarCitizen/ and /r/DerekSmart/ were already telling him.

The minute I saw his "article", I never even responded. I simply sent it off to legal. And their researcher as well as mine, set to work. The plan was to send a legal request to Medium and Reddit for his info so that he would served with a C&D etc.

By the end of yesterday, we knew who he was, having linked his Reddit username to his Planetside game profile to his Disqus profile to this TechRaptor profile and a bunch of other social media heat map profiles.

By the time we were certain who he was and having discovered - shockingly - that he had actually written a Star Citizen article on TechRaptor without disclosing a conflict of interest (he is a backer of the project) that information was posted - by me - on SA forum.

I didn't post anything related to "doxing". Neither his home address or anything of the sort.

The imgur album below gives the sequence of events as it played out last evening on Reddit, Twitter (via DMs) and the SA forums, culminating in his retraction and full apology. Which I accepted.


That's not doxing.

As I explained in this TwitLonger, they pulled this same stunt about a week ago and got a sympathetic admin or one of the cult, to shadow ban my /u/thedereksmart/ user account.


Instead of just moving on and leaving things alone, these clowns are trying to use this event as part of their on-going concerted effort to bully, harass and defame me.

They will fail.

All they will succeed in doing is putting the guy back in the spotlight and they will inevitably just cause more problems for him.

For my part, I will seek out all the leaders who do anything related to what ilovecreamsoda did, and take action. It is always fun and games until someone crosses that line.

The minute I make an example of one of these Star Citizen White Knight clowns, that's when they will realize that screwing up your life over a videogame, is simply NOT worth it.


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