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11th Jul 2015 from TwitLonger

Kadir Steps down from MYM TR

( My english sucks dick ) Hi guys Kadir here first of all this is not a post to show how i dislike MYM or hate them allot it's just a regular post explaining why i left.

First of all I wan't to thank Silphi, Klajbajk, React and Sampe allot for making me improve in allot of situations and the fun times we had stomping those turkish teams. Now you're all wondering why the fuck i left the team and i won't make this a 10 pages long essay or some bs i'll keep it short.

When i Joined the team I was focusing to play Challenger series only even if we won the CS i would not go to the Turkish LCS because i am going to continue with my School, ( just did this for fun and experience ).

The first match against FMF i got ddosed. The 2nd time i tried to find a solution ( VPN Changed IP ) and i still got Ddosed, the 3rd time i even went to my grandma's house and i got Ddosed yet again ( Skype was off yes ).

My motivation went from 100% to -666% and i just didn't care anymore even in soloQ games . After thinking for a long time i decided to step down the CS scene since i couldn't fix this issue. I wish allot of fun and good luck to MYM TR and hopefully you will go far with ur new jungler.
If u have any questions feel free to ask on Twitter or Facebook
Plz no flame for nice englando ty

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