How The Death Cult of The Roman Priesthood Overshadows Western Culture

"Kay Griggs was a Southern divorcee who rented a room to Marine Corps colonel George Griggs in the late 1980s. she was impressed by his clipped manner, his education, his good looks. two months later she married him. what she found out about world affairs as George Griggs' wife was astounding.

Colonel Griggs was a Marine Corps Chief of Staff, as well as head of NATO's Psychological Operations. he was also, his wife realized, entirely mind-controlled. Kay, a self-declared Christian, became privy to the real workings of the United States military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins.

these interviews with Pastor Rick Strawcutter of Adrian, Michigan were conducted in 1998, before September 11th and the installation of U.S. President George W. Bush."

Nov. 3, 2006: Kay Griggs on The Investigative Journal

Greg: there is a few quotes about that come from you. they said: "they took" – and they're talking about your husband and the rest of these people – "with them the most perverted aspects of Nazi Germany and brought them over to The United States. they get rid of the good guys. The Marine Corps are assassins for The Mob. the military is run by The Mob. the military IS The Mob."

Kay: yeah.

Greg: "he told me" – and this is your husband – "what they did. they nurture, they cultivate the sons of prominent families. they're called 'rising stars'. they rope them in. then they 'turn' them."

Kay: oh, I mean, absolutely. and this kind of thing has been going on from my own family. my uncle Ben was Hun, Princeton, Cap and Gown, OSS, doing spy work, you know, for the government all of his life. but the whole William Donovan OSS network were trained, of course, by the British – I don't know – MI6 or whatever, The SIS...but basically, these were individuals – and I'm not anti-Catholic, so please understand that – but for some reason, whether it's Colby, Forrestal, Donovan, Casey, and the guy who was a head of the sort of the Rome CIA no. 2 guy, basically, they were connected back in World War II to a very unsavory... well...they were Irish, they were Italian, they were Spanish, and pretty much pro-Nazi.

Greg: and all connected to The Vatican.

Kay: yeah! they had money galore. and I know that my former... someone I know very well, an older person who was connected at the highest level in Virginia, handled money for one of these trusts. I remember people talking about it was sort of a world commerce corporation. the WCC or whatever. and it involved people like Edward -ooo- and, you know, so forth.

Greg: I just wanted to read this quote so that people know a little bit about you. you said this: "I believe it's healthy to open up people's minds. and people are waking up. women are waking up."

Kay: absolutely.

Greg: "African-Americans are waking up. there's an awareness of corruption at the top, of hiding secrets. it's a consciousness kind of thing. it happened to me, and I was probably the most naive of all people. I can never forget the frightening things that happened to me, but my experience is nothing compared to what African-Americans, and women, and Palestinians are going through. I can tell the truth about what these guys really do."
and that's what you'd been doing. and I really recommend you for it cause it's not easy...

Kay: well, I thank you.
I just had a wonderful father and being raised of Virginian, of Scottish descent. I just really believe that walking in the light and telling the truth is the best thing that can happen. because it's like sunlight. it shines on these necrotic individuals who really are at the heart of everything that's going wrong in our nation. and our founding forefathers in Virginia – at least two were Scottish – Patrick Henry, and Madison, Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and Marshall were believers in opening up in truth and simplicity. and these sexually perverted and corrupted guys are basically part of, I believe, a movement that even an evangelical guy, Rev. Ted Haggard – they're living two lives! and they hate women.

they hate women with a passion. even intelligent women. because, I believe, we care about the future. and when something comes very close to our home and threatens us, we become extremely brave. like Martha Mitchell, yelling about everything that Jon Mitchell was doing and so forth. and Marilyn Monroe was about to do the same with her diaries. and I'm not against The Republicans, I'm not against The Democrats. I'm for truth and for openness, and for the right of courageous and brave people to speak the truth. and I love what's left of this country.

but as a history major and an historian I see so many of the German existentialist culture having crept in through Dulles and that crowd with this sexual perversion. the male... you know, the whole crowd: the crop crowd, the German high command crowd. and if you look at the names of the people, so many of the people who are meeting secretly in The Pentagon, planning this war with, of course, Zionist Germans – mostly all!
and the secrecy of The Jesuits... and then The Jesuit Order has been infiltrated just as The Protestant Episcopal Church has been infiltrated by these Bohemians, these Transylvanians. and let me tell you, their culture believes in blood sacrifice, rape, and killage is okay after war, whether it's The Russians in Berlin or, you know, The Germans who came down to the south – it is a cultural problem. it involves sex, and secrecy, money laundering and drugs, because drugs perverts the mind. and these people believe in twisting the mind of good people.
that's why I don't believe in taking drugs at any time. you know, we got to stay away from medical drugs or any kind of drugs, even if we're feeling bad. the point is: don't take them, because they're addictive. and as a group, a country can be influenced. and I think they're attacking our children through these movies and this music.

"is she safe? many people are asking. 'I've been fortunate in that I have a place to live,' she says, although her circumstances are by no means secure and risk-free. 'I'm a very strong Protestant Christian and I feel as if I know myself very well. I feel very grounded. I've always believed in faith and justice, and have always been attracted to good people, honest people, forthright people.' Kay's strong character and faith have kept her going, although she does admit, 'no one knows how dreadful it's been...and feeling so powerless to do anything about it.'

Kay is only just learning about how popular and admired she has become, and is a little amazed and not quite believing. sales of 'The Kay Griggs Interviews' are rising, and Kay is pleased that word of her knowledge and experiences is getting around. her husband George is 'up North' and apparently lying low. asked if he is still with The Marines, Kay reminds us, 'he never really WAS part of the Marines. he's °purple°: he's °joint°. they're global, above all military branches. when he was ROTC at Princeton, he was Army.'

according to Kay, secret societies and their machinations operate at the highest levels of our communities. her first awareness of this dawned when she took a position as Assistant Director of the Virginia Center for World Trade in Norfolk and blew the whistle on the money laundering she witnessed there. 'I think that's when I first became aware that there were bad people,' she says. Norfolk, Virginia (the port that protects America's capital city) proved to be riddled with
such corruption, and Kay began to notice it increasingly. her natural curiosity and desire for justice led her into deeper exploration, aided by her education, her training as a history and social-studies teacher, and an indefatigable memory for names, places and dates. 'they know I know,' she says, yet she remains committed to declaring and describing the realities she has discovered.

believe it or not, George Griggs' annual income is well into six figures, yet Kay receives only a few dollars a month. advancing in age, Kay has no health insurance. it is our desire to help her obtain this, and we ask you here to contribute to a fund to keep her healthy and in the best way we can offer it: safe. we want her to know that we care, and if it weren't for people like her, we would all be living in blissful ignorance. knowledge is power, and Kay has empowered us. let's give her something in return."

Kay Griggs, Former Marine Colonel's Wife, Talks Again About Military Assassin Squads, Drug Running, Illegal Weapon Deals and Sexual Perversion Deep Within the Highest Levels of U.S. Military and Government

"for 11 long years, Kay Griggs heard all the messy details from her military husband, usually while he was drinking before going into one of his drunken stupors. first going public in 1998 in an eight hour video interview with a truth-seeking Michigan pastor and FM radio broadcaster, she now is back after '9/11' to warn Americans to beware of the evil lurking within the highest levels of government, bound and determined to destroy America.

25 Jul 2005 by Greg Szymanski

"Katharine 'Kay' Griggs knows what it's like to have a gun pointed in her face. she knows what it's like to have her face slapped, her bones broken and her nose bloodied by her former bully of a husband, an active Marine Colonel and a man who she claims is 'above the law and literally gets away with murder'. Virginia court documents and photos of her battered arms and legs tell the sad and brutal physical story of her failed marriage, a tumultuous 11 year roller coaster ride ending in 1999. but the real story for public consumption isn't the private divorce court details. it is the secret military information about drug running, weapon sales, sexual perversion and assassination squads she learned firsthand from her husband, U.S. Marine Corps Col. George Raymond Griggs, now remarried and living in Mirror Lake, NH.

this isn't the first time Griggs is going public with her story about government mob-like hit squads and the sexually perverted secret 'cap and gown and skull and bones society' her husband belonged to along with other high-ranking Marine officers and pubic officials. she first went public in 1996 after receiving death threats, being rescued by Sarah McClendon, former senior member of the White House press corps, who believed her story and took Griggs under her wing, giving her a place to stay and important advice about how to stay alive when dealing with military operatives.
'I became a whistleblower and received death threats,' said Griggs this week in an extended telephone conversation from her Tidewater, VA. home. 'I finally wound up living for safety reasons with Sarah, the dean of the White House Press Corps, who had been with every president since FDR and was in Army intelligence and also an attorney's daughter from Texas.'

advised by McClendon to go public without being able to get the mainstream media to listen, she traveled to Adrian, MI on the advice of a friend to do a long extended taped interview with Pastor Rick Strawcutter, a preacher and owner of a 500 watt pirate FM station at 99.3 on the dial in Lenawee County. Strawcutter, who believed in free speech radio and empowering the public with the truth, produced two extended interviews finally released in 2000, one being a two hour version called 'Sleeping With The Enemy# and the other an unedited eight hour version available at
since then Griggs said she went back to her Virginia home, tried to piece her life together and essentially talked to private groups or anybody who would take the time to listen.

now this week Griggs decided to tell her story again, saying 'I will keep repeating it to anyone' and adding after 9/11, the war in Iraq, the London bombings and the fear of terrorism, the 'American people are at a point were they are ready and willing to hear the truth.' although they may be shocked, Griggs said the 'truth will set you free', even if it means facing up to the highest form of corruption, including sexual perversion and government sponsored mob-like hits orchestrated by high-ranking military and government officials.

'my former husband George, who is a trained assassin, calls the people he is involved with the members of The Firm or The Brotherhood. if you are in the clique, you are above the law and literally can get away with murder. for years, mostly when he was drinking, he told me how he and others in this elite military group would kill people,' said Griggs, as she mentioned name after high-powered name and story after-detailed story about sexual perversion, murder, military hit squads, brainwashing and mind control, all activities sanctioned, participated in and condoned by a group of military and political elite.

'there were many other things and people he told me about which were startling, things I'll tell you later. but George is like a robot, glazed eyes and all. while he drinks, he sort of comes alive. it is hard to explain unless you actually see him. he told me he was the no. 1 shooter for a long time for a group of powerful people at the top. if a guy is too honest, for example, they get rid of him.'

when asked how large an inside group it was and how she survived after going public with such damning information about so many high powered names, she added: 'I just keep myself and my story in the public eye. I am a decent, honest person who believes in telling the truth. I have a deep, abiding faith and trust in God. I also come from a strong-minded, strong-willed family and I am not afraid of generals and admirals. as far as the sheer numbers of people involved in this cap and gown, skull and bones secret society, it's hard to say. but it is based on old friendships, college and prep school relationships, covering up secrets and sexual perversion.

my husband told me about all the sexually perverted rituals, like anal and oral sex in coffins at drunken parties and running naked in the woods at Bohemian Grove. then there was the last time I saw George, which was in 2001 and he was telling me to keep quiet, but I think he knows I will never stop telling the truth.' during numerous drinking binges over many years, one of the main things that sticks out in Griggs' mind was how easily her husband rationalized killing a small number of innocent people and how he was able to somehow justify the killings if it accomplished a strategic goal for the elite group involved.

'who are these people?' Griggs repeated after being asked the same direct question. 'in general, they are first generation German sons, mostly who run things in the military through tight friendships made in Europe and at war colleges. Psyops is a controlling group, and Paul Wolfowitz is a major player, as are the many Zionists on this side of the Atlantic.
'truth is light. and these guys are anxious to collect the global power now in the few hands of their Freemasonic (French Masons) brotherhood's elite hands. it is a very, very small group and a rather homogenized group of global top down existentialist Zionists and socialists. in short, Nazis who came to the U.S. when Hitler, their boy, turned on them in 1933.

Griggs said other recognizable names and major players she learned from her husband's arrogant ramblings besides Wolfowitz and other nondescript military and civilian names, involved in what she called a Zionist global takeover, included Donald Rumsfeld, George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and Andy Fine, to name a few.

'after what I learned from George about °Rummy°, as he called him and idolized him and the others, is that they all operate from this secret little, sick society and are all basically cowards and bullies. and I don't believe I should ever keep quiet about who they are, because the only way we are going to change their behavior is to shed light on what they are doing and show how ludicrous, sick and inept their behavior really is. my husband George just idolized °Rummy° and thinks he is just wonderful when basically he is nothing more than an in the closet-Nazi. also, George liked to brag how he and Wolfowitz were down in Indonesia in the 1970s, down there training young assassins.

after what I heard all those years and now putting it into perspective after °9/11°, I think they are trying to destroy America. their whole game is all about war, selling weapons and creating a militaristic society. I know first hand from listening to my husband, they will do anything – I mean anything including murder – to get what they want.'

although Griggs said her husband never mentioned anything specific about '9/11' during their marriage, she claims he hinted several times that 'war-gaming and airplane crashes' were necessary elements to control and manipulate the American population. putting many of her husband's comments together with other acquaintances made through him, she had this to say about '9/11': 'before °9/11°, there were some things which let me know that it was involved with war gaming going on at ACT Commands center in Suffolk. war games and diversions and manipulations of American public opinion he said are °necessary°. George explained some examples such as airplane °crashes° and the bombing by the Israeli Lebanese Bekka valley recruits who blew up the Marine Corps barracks. I believe my husband knew ahead of time °9/11° was going to occur.

I know that there was a war game going on via Tampa, I think it was called Bright Star, which was being run on °9/11° by a weird and insecure USMC General who was in charge while the Army head was conveniently away in the Near East. I am sure °9/11° was a joint and combined military operation, using boys who were recruited via A.Q. Khan's Israeli network in Pakistan and South Africa through Zionists in Hamburg. I believe that certain MI6 British Zionists with the Ian Goodwin-Peter Goodwin-Basil Cardinal Hume Yorkshire network were also involved in funding and recruiting these guys. it was a large and ongoing operation to set up and involved lots of CIA Zionists and lots of funny money.'

Griggs grew up in the elite Virginia Southern class, the child of a Reserve Military family of Scottish and French Huguenot descent. raised with strict Christian ideals, moral character, deep faith and impeccable ethics, she carried with her the headstrong outspoken nature of her father and the truth-seeking characteristics of her mother. however, a victim of old Southern male chauvinism and backward traditions, she was married young in an arranged fashion to John Garland Pollard III, the wealthy grandson of a Virginia Governor, who lived off his inheritance in a typical aristocratic Southern-style plantation.

'looking back it was just horrible and suffocating,' said Griggs, who after getting a divorce in 1983 went on to teach after getting a degree in history with a specialty in Virginia history and the Scottish Reformation. after resettling in a Virginia Beach home and working as an Asst. Director of the Chamber of Commerce, she was about to meet a dashing Marine Colonel who would forever change the course and direction of her life.

after renting the main portion of her house to Col. Griggs, the couple dated for two months and were quickly married, a speedy decision the young bride would quickly learn to regret. the story of the couple's courtship is of little importance, but what happened afterwards regarding the colonel's drunken ramblings takes center stage.

'he started drinking, did a lot of heavy drinking and at first I thought I could change him,' said Griggs, who listened closely over the years about her husband's role as a military assassin and his role as a military trainer who brought new, young assassins into the fold. 'he started talking openly about murder, corruption, assassinations and lies. it was just incredible the names that were involved and the people who were being killed.

'he gave me very detailed and graphic descriptions about how Waco was carried out, as well as how many other hits went down, including Malcolm Kerr, the head of the American University in Beirut and Ron Brown, who was trying to take away the State Department's monopoly on drug money and arms deals. my husband would get into these crazed stupors where he would be running around the house naked and there were times I would find him lying in the grass that way.

I learned about how he was sexually molested by homosexual teachers at the elite Hun School, where a lot of the others in this small elite group also attended, including the members of The Saudi Royal Family. he told me how sex is used to control, intimidate and groom boys into this type of military service from a young age. he mentioned how many of The Brotherhood, as he liked to call them, are members of the "Cap and Gown" Princeton group or the "Skull and Bones" Yale crowd and how they performed sexually perverted induction ceremonies with anal and oral sex performed inside coffins.'

during the final two years of the marriage, Griggs said her husband basically disappeared. when she finally decided to blow the whistle on her husband's activities and others surrounding him, she met privately with attorney and former CIA Director William Colby, seeking advice.
'I really thought I would get some help, but Colby was later found dead,' said Griggs about Colby whose body was found eight weeks after he disappeared on April 27, 1996, while canoeing near his Rock Point, Maryland, vacation home.

then I started getting death threats, had my house burglarized, my car messed with and every time I would try to get the FBI or police to act, strangely nothing would be done. they would do things like steal my underwear, leave black dots on all my blouses and leave twelve screw drivers on my kitchen counter. they would do strange things like this, which if you think about it, is really hard to explain to the police without them thinking you are crazy.
I later found out I was flagged by Marine General Al Gray, my husband's boss who put the wheels in motion on much of the criminal activity. he flagged me as a trouble maker knowing I was a free thinker who was not about to keep quiet like all the other military wives who knew too much. finally, I sought help from Sarah McClendon, who basically saved my life.'

after weathering the storm of harassment in Washington D.C., she was encouraged by friends to publicize her story nationally through the alternative media since major publications wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. in 1998, she then met Pastor Strawcutter who believed in her and who basically told the same story Griggs is telling today but in much more detail. besides running a ministry in Adrian, MI., Strawcutter's main passion is truth-telling, his philosophy turning out to be a perfect match for Griggs when she finally contacted him one morning in 1998 as he broadcasted live during drive-time on his pirate FM radio station.

'I remember one morning getting this call during a commercial break and then we put Kay on live for about 45 minutes. I couldn't believe what I was hearing,' said Strawcutter this week by telephone from his Michigan church. 'after the show, I arranged for Kay to come to Michigan with her documentation and photos of the story.' when Griggs arrived with her husband's diary and photos providing credible documentation for some of what she claimed, Strawcutter taped her story for over eight hours. after the taping session, he recalls out of all the controversial stories he worked on, the Griggs story was one of the most troubling and difficult to deal with due to the sensitive nature of the allegations and the number of high-ranking names involved.

finally, after sitting on the story for a year, Strawcutter decided to release it in two forms, the first being a two hour edited video version of the interview which he distributed under the title of 'Sleeping With The Enemy' and the other being simply the longer unedited eight hour version. and like Griggs recounted this week from her Virginia home, the Strawcutter tapes are even more detailed about how members of The Brotherhood operate in a world of treachery, deceit, lies, murder, drug running, sex slavery and illegal weapon sales, all in the name of forming a new world order.

'people need to know the truth about °9/11°, Waco, The Oklahoma City Bombing and, of course, what Kay Griggs is saying,' said Strawcutter, who for a long time on his FM station had been testing the waters of truth by broadcasting controversial stories, many coming from the likes of Michael Collins Piper and other American Free Press writers, an alternative paper that also delves into subjects taboo in the mainstream media. 'I basically believed she was telling the truth and decided to go with the story as she told it.'

asked if he was ever harassed for bringing the Griggs tapes public, he added: 'no, not really. I never worry about things like that. but I do know after winning a landmark federal case to stay on the air in the 1990s, the feds came down real hard one me about three months after °9/11° with another legal challenge to my station which had become wildly successful, becoming the second top rated show in the county.' shortly, thereafter, Strawcutter was forced to take his brand of truth-telling radio of the air waves in the wake of legal roadblocks and challenges designed by the government to bankrupt his efforts.

the head strong, truth telling woman who first provided America with her shocking story in 1996, is really no different today although she readily admits the government is still trying to ruin her financially and still monitors her closely. although still under the government microscope, her energy and curiosity remain strong as ever. 'with all that's happening in the world, the time is right now for truth,' said Griggs. 'I think America can handle the truth now and I basically want people to know that my husband and the people involved with him are really nothing but cowards and bullies. but they are, at the same time, dangerous. evil people that must be stopped. I am not a vindictive person and I also am not seeking publicity. I simply want people to know the truth about how these people are trying to destroy this country.'

and still trying to 'connect the dots' in an attempt to expose The Brotherhood, she added: 'I'm in the midst of research on the headmistress of my Episcopal girls' school, St. Margaret's, who spent years working with MI6 at Cheltenham! this is Victor Rothschild's group with 6 representing the six-sided star and MI5 being more Masonic but still not sure about all of this yet.' single and living in the same home she shared with her former military husband, Griggs still holds firm to her strong Christian beliefs, saying she will talk to anybody who is interested in listening since she firmly believes 'truth is light and only the truth will set you free'."

Greg: he knows Rumsfeld, he knows Wolfowitz. he talked about...

Kay: very well! very well. he and Wolfowitz, "Wolfy", served in Indonesia together when he was setting up – I guess you'd call them – killings squads. they were all basically under SHAPE, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, and EUCOM. in other words, Belgium is where some of these higher-ups eventually go. and then they are placed, using state department cover, all over the world. and George and Wolfowitz, "Wolfy", were in Indonesia, which is a Moslem country, because they were trying to – even then! – manipulate the Moslems. in other words, the Moslem nation, they were feeling that they reproduced too quickly. you know, he would say that kind of thing. in other words, they had so many children, they were very, very... whatever.

Greg: what about Rumsfeld's connections? he knew also...

Kay: you know, my husband, and Rumsfeld, and Carlucci were all members of this club at Princeton called Cap and Gown. and my husband – if you can believe it, being a Marine Corps colonel Chief of Staff for commandant in special operations – was a cheerleader. and Cap and Gown was basically an intelligence recruitment – the prime one on the Princeton campus – for recruiting intelligence operatives. and basically they were Republicans. and I don't know why this is. it certainly goes to the early Republican clubs and so forth that was started by the Donovan crowd, but it has a lot to do with Nelson Rockefeller, I believe. but these boys were on scholarship, they were on military scholarship.

"Rummy", Rumsfeld, excuse me, my uncle Ben Delaney, naval intelligence, OSS, Princeton football – all scholarship boys. most of them, however – before that! – were recruited sexually in the high schools they were in: they were good-looking, they hung around with football players, they were sexually molested by a teacher, they were subservient. much like the little good-looking boys who were broken in by the priests. but these boys were Princeton or Yale! and Skull and Bones, I believe, does the same thing, as far as recruiting boys sexually into a very elite German secret society. all of these fraternities, believe it or not, were founded by Germans beginning in the 1800s. at least KA, and ATO, and SAE – the ones in Virginia. and Phi Theta Kappa as well is a recruitment place because they were very intelligent.

Greg: what do you remember your husband telling you about The Bush Family?

Kay: well, he knew very well the president's father. he worked with him. and Jack -ooo- a colonel, and T. Parker Host were very deeply involved with the election of the president. George was Ronald Reagan's White House liaison to Beirut for special operations...and he worked with that awful man, General Carl Stiner, this mate who worked only with the Israelis and against our country. and yet he was an army general. and he took over the assassination school and the work down at Fort Bragg, and The School of the Americas, the training camp in Panama! and there were Germans running this school down there. of course that was involved with this co-operation, when they had to put some of these young SS officers to work all over the world.

I think they brought about 200,000 of them into The United States. and I'm not saying that they were bad, you know, were all bad, but there was a definite cultural shift. and my husband's grandmother was German, they were very connected with The Mob in Atlantic City. his grandfather was.
so he was a poor boy. good-looking. very Germanic looking. had no money. father was a janitor, mother was a little bit sadistic. and they hooked him young: they got him in the 9th grade. gave him the scholarship to The Hun School, where Charles Caddock, the teacher there, raped him. The Saudi Royals were innocently put into this school by their father. the father had no idea that this kind of perversion was going on at The Hun School. and this was the school where these pedophiles, if you want to call them, at the institute that Oppenheimer ran.

and I believe, John Nash was done the same way – the Beautiful Mind guy – I believe, he was done that very same way.
but they rape them young. they have to stay quiet. it messes with their mind, because, you know, their families were either Episcopalians or Presbyterians! and they keep them going until they "well, you want to go to Princeton?" well, who didn't want to go to Princeton? so this Charles Caddock had total control over who went to Princeton. and my husband was his prime student. and he was under Caddock and this guy, "Wild Bill"...nephew, Alexander Robinson. they were given free flying lessons...they had an airfield outside of Princeton. they got free flying lessons. I mean, they would go to parties and things that other people didn't get to go to, with the elites in Long Island. kind of like the movie Eyes Wide Shut, you know, that Stanley Kubrick understood about. and it's basically... it's an occult group.
"Fort Bragg became a center for unconventional warfare, with the creation of the Psychological Warfare Center in April 1952, followed by the 10th Special Forces Group."
"on April 1st, 1972, The U.S. Army Civil Affairs School was transferred from Fort Gordon, Georgia, to Fort Bragg, to begin operating under the center's umbrella.
...on June 1st., 1982, The Chief of Staff of the Army approved the separation of the center as an independent TRADOC activity under the name U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (SWC).
The SWC integrated special operations into the Army systems, training and operations, becoming the proponent school for Army Special Operations Forces.
in 1985, SWC was recognized as the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS). the major change at this time was the establishment of six training departments: Special Forces, Special Operations Advanced Skills, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, Foreign Area Officer, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations.",_Jr.

Notes on Kay Griggs

"an Alexander Robinson also existed at The Hun School. in the 1950s he was assistant to the assistant headmaster of the school and, like Kay had said, indeed did have a Marine Corps background. until a few years ago this was pretty obscure information. it still is actually.

...from these ties it is rather obvious that the senior leadership of the Marine Corps has remarkably close ties to both the (neo)conservative and the liberal establishments, and specifically those individuals ranked high in ISGP's Supranational Index. it's the same story with General James L. Jones, commandant of the Marine Corps from 1999 to 2003, who is actually listed in the index. Jones was another regular at the Center for Security Policy in the years before 9/11, but also became part of the absolute core of the liberal establishment. in 2007 he even joined The Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs, Bush School of Government and Public Service, at TAMU. other trustees included Brent Scowcroft (reported friend of George Griggs), Robert Gates, Henry Kissinger, Lawrence Eagleburger (reported friend of George Griggs), Zbigniew Brzezinski and CIA men Robert Gates, Bobby Ray Inman and John Deutch. if anyone would have known what happened on 9/11, it would be these men. also among the trustees was Marine Corps General Bernard Trainor, who might have been among the superiors of George Griggs when he ran the operations department of the Marine Corps from 1981 to 1985.

besides his civilian buddies, Kay Griggs listed among the civilian Princeton sex party associates of her husband Allen Dulles, William Colby, Frank Carlucci, James Baker and George Shultz. at the very least we can say that all of them did graduate from Princeton and that more than a few of their later elitist friends have been linked to pedophile entrapment networks. at the time of 9/11, Shultz was working with Sheehan for Bechtel while Carlucci and Baker were active for the Carlyle Group, along with George H. W. Bush, whom Kay claimed, had been among the friends of her husband. Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defense on 9/11, was Carlucci's roommate at Princeton and his political protege. not unimportant, a son of William Colby, Jonathan, was also working for Carlyle at the time, having previously worked for The Blackstone Group. another son of William Colby, Carl, has recently been invited to the board of The OSS Society, which is largely similar to the AFIO – controversial members guaranteed. ISGP has a combined article on both of these groups.

more important might be the conclusion that Kay Griggs provides an additional link between Prince Turki al Faisal and his brothers on the one hand and Frank Carlucci with his Carlyle Group on the other.

...Kay has also been the only individual to mention the JFK Special Warfare School to me as a center where a lot of these covert operations are run from. this school was mentioned earlier, because the covert operations deputy to CIA deputy director of operations David Cohen, suspected in this article of having rigged the WTC towers, had been a commander of this school. Kay has basically been the only person within the conspiracy community who really seems to have an insider's perspective, despite some of the biases in her reporting."

The Clique of Colonel George Griggs according to his ex-wife Kay

Greg: also how all these agencies like The Mossad, and The CIA, and The KGB – how they all work together at the higher levels...

Kay: well, they're not only just working together, but they're really good friends! George said, "on my level, we've never been an enemy of The Soviet Union." so the people he was working with, from the time he was at The Hun School all the way to Princeton, were all... you know, these were KGB guys! in his group – and I still can't comprehend: I mean, there's no love of America there – it was no emotion. I mean, the guy is a walking Manchurian Candidate, a zombie. I mean, George – he was very good-looking, he drank every single day after he came home from work three or four gins or vodkas, he had a bottle of vine always with dinner when he was married to Sue. I'm not a drinker. and I'm married him after Sue died during the Iran-Contra hearing.

yeah, she "died"... not a normal death either. and she died on April Fools' Day, 1987. and this is when Colby "died", you know. you had quite a number of strategic sort of hits the way Colby died. and, you see, I spoke to Colby when I was reaching out to Sarah. I was desperate to get somebody to help me...they cut the money off. he sort of disappeared...I had two death threats, and I didn't know who was good an who was bad.
...the point is, he was murdered in a boat right shortly after my phone call to him, and that scared the heck out of me. I mean, it was really bad. and this is '96 and '97.

Greg: I had a guest on, just before you came on, who talked about how Karl Rove was called Miss Piggy in the gay bars, uh...

Kay: yeah, his father was a pedophile homosexual. Karl Rove hung around with that guy Ted Bundy, and Ted Bundy was a Republican operative forever! I mean, a very high level one who hung around with Karl Rove. and all these other guys were recruited by this sort of young recruitment organization. and why do they do this?
...I mean, this is a culture thing.

"Kay Griggs' report of world events and the power elite paints a picture that begins to explain the hows and whys of our current global scenario.
Henry Kissinger being named loudly by Mrs. Griggs.

Griggs, in her videotaped interviews recently, discovered her husband's diary and was suitably horrified at what she read. she then began asking questions of her friends in the military wives club, and many of them confessed to the same dirty little secrets.

her candor on video is both disturbing and compelling: the woman has come to grips with the fact that this 'culture', as she calls it, is rife within senior U.S. military, and that the stain of being called out as a queer is what keeps the men quiet to the arms and drugs running that are a vital function of our military.

The DIA and special ops were predominantly running the Contra northern front from Honduras in the 80s. alongside the CIA and NSC teams, a new US military group called the ISA (Intelligence Special Activity) was moving hundreds of millions in drug money supposedly through to US mob-run ports such as New Orleans and Miami. they apparently were involved in the Mena, Arkansas, cocaine airdrops as well, with the Barrie Seal thing. anyway, an unknown amount of money would be then laundered at Fort Meade, Maryland, HQ for the NSA (National Security Agency).

also, the CIA secretly organized the purchase (and theft) of military transport planes and helicopters via their Pentagon connections.

next, we have military boys alongside the CIA in Lebanon doing weird things. The Marine grunts held the airport as a peacekeeping thing, but according to Mrs Griggs and also the ebook The Last Circle, the US covert forces were exploiting the tension between the local mafias and militias to score a lot cheap drugs, while selling lots of arms and hunting down key enemies. it is said that the Lockerbie terrorism bombing had to do with the transport of heroin from Lebanon.

where do the military special operators come from?
they are trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, which was headed by pro-Bush Army General Stiner, who is mentioned by Mrs Griggs. General Stiner and General Joy (also mentioned by Mrs Griggs) were heavily involved in Bush's invasion of Panama. the special operators also come from General Al Gray's jurisdiction (another cited name). Colonel George Griggs was his chief of staff.

Griggs evidently trained his marines, mercs, seals, etc. from the massive Little Creek Naval Amphibious base on the
Virginia coast, near Norfolk and Virginia Beach, an area which constitutes a massive military nexus of power. it's fairly close to the Fort Bragg nexus of power. the Virginia base is 2100 acres, the biggest live fire zone around where operators hone their trade.

the military has grown to have enormous jurisdiction over the Caribbean, Central American, and South American areas.
this military jurisdiction is called SOUTHCOM. Bush Senior and Clinton both issued very powerful legislation to deep the military's involvement in SOUTHCOM. under the rubric of fighting terrorism, drugs, and arms smuggling, evidently SOUTHCOM is wrapped up in these affairs.

who commands SOUTHCOM?
the very same General Wilhelm mentioned by Mrs Griggs. it's based out of Miami, the city Mrs Griggs said her husband went to work in retirement.

what the hell is going on with SOUTHCOM?
well, for starters they are sending special operators into Colombia, a country which has attracted the US for its drugs, oil, and precious minerals. it's part of Plan Colombia and The Andean Initiative set in motion by Bush Senior and Clinton.

General Stiner: 'they train assassins,' says Griggs. 'it's an old boy network, it's an institution, and it's run through The State's all about making money. selling weapons and selling drugs. what are they doing running our country?!'

to corroborate another background detail of her story, I recently emailed a major alternative news journalist who investigates this stuff. he was unfamiliar with the Griggs stuff and warned that she may be exaggerating, but he specifically wrote: it is somewhat well known in DC that retired General Al Gray is gay."

"what my husband does for a living is train mercenaries. young boys from countries like Romania, Dominican Republic, Haiti. they're training them to be murderers, and the taxpayers' dollars are paying for this. they psychologically profile them. the profile is similar to my husband's and Lee Harvey Oswald's and McVeigh's, and others who were all part of this program. Jeffrey Dahmer was part of this program. they're all army. they were all picked out because they were perverted or twisted. strong mother, weak father, no father, poor. because these guys are looking for security, so they will stay in the military and do anything for that security."

"when you work in The White House, you work under The Army. The Marines have no overlord, as such. they can float. they're run out of New Orleans, just like Oswald was. Oswald was homosexually recruited by Jack Rubinstein, who was Jack Ruby. all of the funding for these operations goes through 'The Joint', The Mob. Oswald was a loner, brilliant – and a perfect candidate. his and my husband's profile almost look alike."

"St. Elizabeth's Hospital, like the Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, has army intelligence people in there. they're targets: people who have decided to tell the truth. people who believe in the American dream, who are Christians, who are trying to get things straightened out. if they transgress that line where they upset somebody in high command – just like in Germany – they all of a sudden move from being a person to being a target. therefore, the enemy. why are good people silenced, why are their papers gone through?"

"this CIA thing, from my experience, is bogus. every person I've known, who was in the CIA, was in military intelligence first. for example, my husband. he works under The Army. he's a Marine Corps high-level intelligence officer, but he's under all these army people."

"now these generals in The Marine Corps and The Army, according to my husband, they are ordered. my husband, being Chief of Staff, told his men it was like this: it's The Marine Corps first – The Brotherhood, The Cherry Marines, the bonding that goes on. The Marine Corps comes before God, before Jesus Christ, before the country. my husband is not a Christian, he's an existentialist, and most of these guys are. [their god is] The Brotherhood. it's very German. it has Masonic leanings. they're all Masons. this Brotherhood – Opus Dei – they're The Mob. The Marine Corps are the hit men. they're mercenaries. they'll work for anybody. they'll switch hats. my husband said it's no big deal. I'll go work for The State Department.

The Marine Corps is just a smoke-and-mirrors thing. on [my husband's] level, he said we've never been an enemy to The Soviet Union. they work with these Communists. the man who started this whole intelligence operation – The OSS – he was recruiting known Communists who were involved in subverting Spain. they're not Americans. they're not Christians. they're German existentialists. now what are they doing running our nation? they have more affinity for The State of Israel than for our nation. they don't care about American citizens. the judges now in the courts are all military officers following chain-of-command orders. they're not independent judges."

Eric: one reason that people dismiss the possibility that the September 11th attack was a government operation is that they cannot believe everybody in The U.S. Government would remain silent about such an incredible crime. a woman named Kay Griggs, the second wife of Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs, can help us understand why everybody is silent. her information about The U.S. Government comes from her husband, her personal observations, her husband's diary, and people she met. even if some of her information is incorrect, the top military and political leaders of America are routinely blackmailed, bribed, threatened, and manipulated. she mentions many government officials by name, so if her accusations are false, she is making a lot of slanderous remarks about a lot of people. for example:,_Jr.

Brigadier General James R. Joy, U.S. Marine Corps

Kay: General Jim Joy and General Carl Stiner – they are evil men. and they are in this diary meeting with my husband almost every day in Beirut. they trained The Men in Black who killed those people in Waco.

Eric: not only does she claim that Waco was a deliberate killing, but later in the interview she says that the military knew that the Marine Corps barracks was going to be bombed in Beirut, Lebanon. that bombing occurred in 1983 and more than 200 marines died. the official story is that the bombing was a result of Arab terrorists. she doesn't explain why the military would allow hundreds of Marines to die, so we are left to wonder if the bombing was intended to give The Marines an excuse to get out of Lebanon, or if it was intended to create anger towards Arabs. as with the September 11th attack, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the killings at Waco, it is difficult to find a sensible motive. but perhaps Kay Griggs is correct that many top government officials are under the control of criminals and lunatics. she explains that one of the methods to control government officials is to pressure them into doing unusual sexual activities, which can then be used to blackmail them. she believes that some universities have special fraternities for this purpose. for example, Princeton University has a fraternity called Cap and Gown, which her husband belonged to. Yale University has a fraternity called Skull and Bones. supposedly, President Bush and John Kerry were members of that fraternity. to most people, and some of its members, these fraternities are meaningless organizations. but she believes that some of them are used as recruitment centers for government officials.

Kay: what I want to tell you about General Al Gray, my husband was the chief of staff for General Al Gray who was the commandant of The Marine Corps. and I probably shouldn't say this on tape, and you all can get rid of it, but he's a homosexual. Gray is what they call a "Cherry Marine".

Eric: what percentage do you think of these higher up people are bisexual?

Kay: oh, all of them! if they're in special operations, if they're Marines, they're all bisexual. they've all had to do it in order to get to be a bird colonel, The Seals, it's kind of like the fast road to the top.

Eric: so a guy could not be a Seal without having gone through this?

Kay: oh, I don't believe so. I haven't met one that I don't believe would have done it. and judging from what a couple of colonels told me, that's just the norm. "it's just you women, you know, you all are so sissy. you don't understand how it is. we're under so much pressure." and when Valerie Wilhelm told me that about Charly, I just could not believe what she was saying. see, my husband is frightened to death – I believe that his brother was murdered to keep him in – because he had gone through four years of this mind control. and the man who did it, and you can see it on the video, his name was Charles Caddock, and another man named Alexander Robinson.

...there were a couple of others. Paisley, who was murdered almost like William Colby, was also hanging around with other homosexuals. he went to The Rush River Lodge, and so did Bob Woodward. Bob Woodward – The Reporter. Henry Kissinger was a well-known and total homosexual, not even both ways.

Eric: and so his wife is a marriage of cover or convenience?

Kay: oh, it's just a convenience, yeah. I mean, maybe he's discovered women in his late age, I don't know. but I heard through a very well grounded German that Henry's best friend's father told Henry to stay away from him. and that's why Henry left. the family were embarrassed. and Henry went to Britain where they did this, and then changed his name from Heinz to Henry. and I interviewed a man named Bob, who's an army enlisted person, who told me about Henry in Cambodia. so up through Cambodia, he was actually raping young men. and, of course, that experience destroyed the lives of these five young men, according to the source. I mean, he said – he was crying... and this man was a perfectly wonderful, functioning, young married man who worked for a newspaper on the Eastern shore and had three young children – he went to Vietnam as an enlisted man, was put into Cambodia, which he said it was a lie living there, and then ran into Henry Kissinger. or Henry Kissinger ran into him and did certain things to him. invited him into his tent with some other men. it was horrible. but he said, "it's wartime," and so forth. but he said, "you know, I could have taken it mentally if it had been a bunk-mate or something, but when it's someone like Henry Kissinger who does it to you, you're ruined." he said he came back home – oh, and this is interesting, and I really believe that Bob's right. he said, Kissinger said to him, "if you ever tell anybody, if you ever mention to a soul, it's the end of you. don't you ever tell anybody." well, when Bob got back, he went to a special hospital, and they were going to keep him locked up forever. a lot of the other boys feeling is that he was flagged the way I was flagged when General Gray and Wilhelm had me flagged because I broke up the go-go dancing in the officer's club. I was labeled a troublemaker because I thought it was wrong for married men to be going out with topless go-go dancers in The Officer's Club Dining Room, and I took pictures of it. and my husband got really mad, and so forth.

Eric: how could it be that all top government officials are willing to allow this corruption, rape and blackmail? Kay Griggs says that people in control of the government are grooming emotionally weak boys for top government positions. she explains that this recruitment process starts while the boys are teenagers or younger.

Kay: they have little boys that they pick out and they call them "special." they use the word "special," meaning elite, irregular, in order to entice these boys because they don't have much ego.

Eric: they look for boys who suffer from low self-esteem, poverty, and mental disorders. people who are not happy with themselves are easy to manipulate with praise. and children from poor families are more susceptible to promises of top government positions. she explains that some of these boys are put into all boys schools and exposed to homosexual activities. she accuses a man named Charles Caddock of being one of the men who manipulated the young boys.

Kay: Charles Caddock was the bodyguard, quote unquote Teacher for these guys. so they would go out and play in the woods. and they were doing homosexual things with them.

Eric: you know, as you describe this, I can't help but think of Bill Clinton.

Kay: well, of course he was one of those profile boys. but the difference between Bill Clinton, and I'm not saying Bill Clinton's better, but Bill Clinton didn't know anything about the assassinations.

Eric: how would you feel if you had been put into an all boys school when you were a teenager, subjected to homosexual sex and offered high level government jobs, and when you rebelled, your brother was murdered? Kay described her husband as drinking every day. he would often pass out on the floor and even in the yard. sometimes he would sit naked in his room. his attitude was often unpleasant and he was sometimes very violent. you might think that a government official could hold a press conference and complain about the corruption, but unless he is given support by other government officials and the American people, he will meet the same fate as the other people who resisted.

on page 149 of my book "Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attack" I have a section: "there is nobody to protect us." I wrote, "more amazing to me, we cannot even get support from the American citizens. rather, most of them will insult us as being 'conspiracy nuts'. this situation reminds me of the child who ran away from Jeff Dahmer, went to the police for help, and the police handed him back to Dahmer. how is America going to improve when the majority of American citizens, including the police, FBI and military, have no desire to know what is going on in their nation, and have no desire to make the nation better?"

Kay: I think they're trying to destroy America.

Eric: let's listen to more accusations before trying to understand who "they" are.

Kay: and keep in mind, my husband is infamous: Princeton graduate, Chief of Staff for Al Gray, who runs all the dirty tricks for the army. you know, Linda Tripp worked for Carl Stiner who was a partner of, you know, Jim Joy. James, Carl and my husband were the triumvirate in Beirut, and Linda Tripp worked for Carl Stiner down there.

Eric: she believes that Linda Tripp was helping to set President Clinton up for blackmail. she also claims that the U.S. military was manipulated during the 1991 Iraqi war for purposes of selling weapons, smuggling drugs, and laundering money.

Kay: it's kind of like Monica and Bill. I think they put Monica in there to have something on Bill. that's my own feeling. Sarah McClendon feels the same way.

Eric: and Linda Tripp was there to guide the situation?

Kay: absolutely. of course. Linda Tripp was Delta Force. Linda Tripp was trained by Carl Stiner, who's in the diary with my husband. Carl Stiner is called a "snake". and he tried to trip up Schwarzkopf. I mean, he was trying to take the whole Iraqi thing over because they had been baiting, you know, using the Israeli rogues in Turkey. they were having little zig-zag wars. it's all to sell weapons. it's all about weapon sales. it's all about drugs. it's all about funny money.

Eric: most people assume that the U.S. military wanted The Vietnam War. but she claims that the military was pushed into Vietnam by the same people who were behind the bombing of Dresden during World War II. she supports the accusation that the American military was fooled into bombing Dresden simply to slaughter the German civilians. she also supports the accusation in Michael Piper's book Final Judgment that some Israelis were the masterminds of The President Kennedy Assassination.,_Jr.

Kay: you didn't used to kill women and children in war, you know, when the British army were pure, kind of. you know, you didn't go out and kill. I think at Dresden they did do some of that, but that was Walt Whitman Rostow and his crowd. and he's a very dangerous man, because Walt Whitman Rostow is a communist.

Eric: okay, in what capacity is he?

Kay: oh, he was one of the wise men in Kennedy's administration. I think, he was probably responsible for the movement that got Kennedy murdered. I believe, it was an Israeli group which did it, with some of these rogues. Walt Whitman Rostow was the one who got us into The Vietnam War, because he wanted to sell the weapons and stuff. he and Victor Krulak, who is the present commandant's father, Krulak was his lackey. Walt Whitman Rostow went with General Taylor and wrote the report that got us into The Vietnam War. and all the time that the Pentagon was saying, "no, no, no, no," he was a cheerleader for the weapon sales. he and Henry Kissinger. he and Henry. Walt Whitman Rostow, Eugene Debs Rostow – these were communists. Eugene Debs Rostow – it's either his son or his other brother who runs the big Boston mob, the port there. his name is Nicholas Rostow.

Kay: and The Army runs the whole show. it's totally run by The Army. The CIA is a bogus thing, you know. its training in doctrine command: it's NATO, it's SHAPE. Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe – started by Eisenhower. it's a totally independent corporation. it's main function is to sell weapons and launder money.
it's all being done by army people who are now 'joint'. 'cause the word 'joint' comes from the group that brought over a... a lot of good people came over, but they came over illegally, kind of escaped Nazi Germany and stuff. I don't know that much about it, but I do know that one of the funding organizations was out of New York. it was called The Joint.
and Meyer Lansky... see, our mob, organized crime, the Jewish Kabbalist group – who don't believe in God really, or they do – they look at God as a Kabbalah kind of thing. and the opposite of good is bad, and they have to get rid of all the good people and kill them. you know, I mean they really do this. they're killing people who are good on purpose, and they get Brownie points with their little cult.
but this funding group in New York, they would pay for passports that were illegal, and they... in fact, my grandfather was involved in that. that's how I come to know so much about it, because my grandfather was told to keep silent and not to tell anybody. but of course he told my grandmother, and my grandmother told me, and I've told my children. everybody knows, they brought in probably more that 200,000 Nazi soldiers, and SS, and, you know, wacko scientists and psychologists. and all of them, most of them, had the German disease, you know, because it was their culture."

Eric: unlike the gangsters of Al Capone's era, Meyer Lansky and his friends can manipulate entire nations rather than just a few cities. in this next segment, she mentions that one of the operations that "The Joint" was funding, was the illegal immigration of Nazis into America. since she describes "The Joint" as being Jewish, your first thought might be to assume they were helping Jews escape Nazi Germany. however, what she describes may be what other people refer to as Operation Paperclip, although she does not use that expression. she is going to mention that many of these Nazis had "The German Disease". and she refers to them as "The Pink Triangle Boys". she is referring to homosexuality and sex with children. The Nazi Party had the same problem that the Republican party suffers from. specifically, there are a lot of accusations that many top Nazi and Republican leaders are homosexual, that some are raping children on a regular basis, and that some are covering up the slave trade. in Nazi Germany, some of the rapists and homosexuals were arrested and put into prison camps, and pink triangles were put on their uniforms to identify them from the other prisoners. she believes that thousands of these Pink Triangle Boys were brought to America at the end of World War II. she also claims that The Nazi Government was brought down by the German people when reports about the raping of children started spreading through the population. this seems to be happening right now with The Bush Administration. the Jeff Gannon incident seems to be forcing a lot of people to face the possibility that many top government officials are not what they claim to be.

Strawcutter: the German disease?

Griggs: yeah. The German Disease is what "The Pink Triangle Boys" were. Colonel Ron Ray writes about this. he's a Marine Colonel who's a Christian who's writing about "The Cherry Marines", the homosexuality, and the group sex orgies, and so forth, which brought down the German government. because Naples, which is where all of the Navy is doing their playing, I mean today, in Naples, these orgies are going on. it was where Krupp, the weapons manufacturer, used to take The German High Command and they would go onto The Isle of Capri into The Blue Grotto. and they would have big orchestras, and they'd bring in little boys, little Italian boys, who would be raped. they'd give them trinkets. and of course the mothers gradually found out, just like me, and it was one thing when there was just one of me, now there are a lot more of us wives who are talking and telling truth. and those Italian women went to newspapers in Italy – they wouldn't listen. when they went to the wives of these guys in Germany, it brought it all out. it brought The German Government down, because they were duplicitous in it, you know. but what they were doing was pedophilic. they were raping, bringing in little boys. they involved the Catholic priests, you know, who were bringing in... anyway. so... but what happened was, this whole group came over to The United States. and they – it's an old culture. but it is the reason why there are a lot of things going on with children these days. and it explains why it is all being covered up. because if you've got police officers who are playing these games, and they're going in the woods like to – ah, what is this place? I mean, even Eisenhower played these's called "The Hermitage" in California, where they all get drunk, and they run around nude in the woods and stuff.

Eric: The Hermitage? Bohemian Grove?
Kay: That's it! Bohemian Grove.

Eric: rather than hermitage?
Kay: Bohemian Grove. that's the name of it. my brain's tired. and there was a big one in Washington called Rush River Lodge where they all used to go. and there are lots of places now. but the problem, as I see it, is that I think they're trying to destroy America.

"In 1971 Paisley began organizing sex parties in Washington. along with CIA colleague, Donald Burton, Paisley formed The Rush River Lodge Corporation. according to Joseph Trento, 'Burton and Paisley staged several sex parties at the lodge.' those who attended these parties included politicians and journalists. Burton admitted that a 'high-level Nixon appointee enjoyed tying up women and beating them' at these parties. another person who attended was the beautiful Hana Koecher, an agent with the Czech intelligence service."

Ignatian retreat centers not only for military personnel
Loyola – Loyauté – loyalty

Eric: she also accuses Caspar Weinberger of being part of this group of criminals.

Kay: they are selling weapons! I mean, that is what the military is doing. it's totally controlled by The Mob. look at this:
Weinberger was General Douglas MacArthur's – he spied on MacArthur in Korea. who was MacArthur's nemesis, albatross? it was none other than little old intelligence "I'm-going-to-tell-every-move-you-make" Weinberger. young, but he did it. he brought down MacArthur. every move MacArthur was going to make, he broadcasted it through The Chaplain, his little intelligence network. and he got brownie points with the group because he brought down the big lion. when you bring down a big lion like that, you get a big job. you have done good work. and they needed to get rid of MacArthur, because he didn't want to keep the wars going.
he wanted it over and, you know, it's like General -ooo- who took over after The Vietnam War was over. and he was on C-Span in August 1996 with former Ambassador Whitehead and a few of the other State Department Vietnam people, and General -ooo- had been holding these things in for years. he was on C-Span. this man let it all out. he said, "I took over at the end of The Vietnam War. I was in control, right? big general in charge. so I say, 'cut off the shipment of weapons.' so I tell The Pentagon, 'cut off the shipment of weapons.'" he said, "I got a phone call from Henry Kissinger saying, 'The weapons are going to continue at the wartime rate.'"

"in his recent letter, Lawrence Korb suggested that Weinberger, his former boss, had exaggerated the damage Pollard caused and that an anti-Semitic bias distorted the case. from the start, some speculated that Weinberger, who had Jewish grandparents but was a devout Episcopalian, sacrificed Pollard to exorcise his own ancestral demons. there was something about this pudgy, sloppy, unapologetic Jewish spy for Israel that repulsed Weinberger. Weinberger was also one of the Reagan Administration's leading Israel skeptics. caught in a power struggle with the pro-Israel Secretary of State George Shultz, Weinberger usually viewed the Jewish state as more albatross than asset."

Eric: just when you think you've heard the strangest accusation possible, she comes up with another one that's even more difficult to believe. for example, she claims that some Communist dictators were also put through the homosexual mind control procedure by these criminals.

Kay: because already the Communist agents, the New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey Mob, were already training Mao. Mao was trained in Paris. so was, you know, the one in Cambodia. what's his name? I can't think of his name. the one who was Pol Pot. they were homosexually [fractured] – bless their little hearts – by priests. they were wonderful little boys, sent there, you know, "turned," which is the word when they believe their mothers, and then all of a sudden the world's horrible, and they have these wonderful friends who are going to make them leaders. they are turned, psychologically, and it's a pattern. and so this is why it's so important to know what they are doing to innocent little boys in The Army and The Marine Corps today.

Eric: in her eight hours of interview, she lets out a lot of accusations. and she accuses a lot of high ranking government officials of a lot of serious crimes. she does not show any signs of hesitation or fear except when asked one particular question. in this next segment, she is explaining that both her uncle and her husband were involved in secret weapons sales to a certain country for "The Joint." which country? and who is "The Joint"? this is the only issue that she hesitates to talk about. however, after saying the "Z" word, she returns to normal and resumes her accusations of murder, corruption and sexual perversion.

Kay: you know, selling weapons to whatever country. I know the country, but in other words, they were doing work for "The Joint" under the table all these years.

Eric: okay, and directly under whose instructions to sell these weapons? do you know that?
Kay: yeah.
Eric: okay, who would that be?
Kay: well, it's an Israeli Zionist group in New York.

Eric: Mossad?
Kay: well, yeah, but everybody thinks Mossad like they think CIA. CIA is just sort of a bogus kind of thing. it's really Army Intelligence that does just about everything. they run a lot of the psychological profiling which is done at Quantico with The FBI. it's all a very small group. Harvard professors connected with Tavistock -ooo- and there's a sexual perversion group in Vienna, and one in Colorado. I think that little girl was part of that experiment, you know, who...

Eric: Jon Benet?
Kay: yeah.
Eric: well, that raises an interesting point, because here is a high profile murder that goes nowhere. no investigation. nobody's pinned. it just goes on and on and on.
Kay: the parents are involved in that program.

Eric: but someone higher up is protecting them.
Kay: absolutely.
Eric: and it's the same thing that you're describing about the military.
Kay: sure.
Eric: if you're in the clique you can get away with murder.
Kay: yeah, absolutely. murder. literally murder.

"that was the first thing Coleman learned about the Defense Intelligence Agency: it never knowingly took chances. it would sooner not employ him than take an unnecessary risk, said McCloskey. he had known them junk a whole operation that had taken hundreds of people months to put together just because there was an outside chance that if anything went wrong the DIA might break cover.

McCloskey was unperturbed by the delay. 'this wasn't the CIA,' he said. 'The CIA was a showboat civilian agency. these were the professionals, the military, the combined intelligence arms of The U.S. Army, The U.S. Navy and The U.S. Air Force. together, they formed the largest and most discreet intelligence agency in the world. 57,000 people operating out of Arlington Hall, Virginia, and Bolling Airforce Base, Washington, D.C., on a budget five times bigger than the CIA's. no restrictions, no oversight – and nobody even heard of it. why? because it didn't make mistakes. and because the director reported to The Joint Chiefs of Staff, who didn't tell anybody anything they didn't have to know. and that included The Secretary of Defense.'

'but wasn't that dangerous?' asked Coleman 'to have a covert agency that big and powerful, and not directly accountable to anyone? not even to The President of the United States? their commander in chief?'

'The White House leaked like a colander,' McCloskey said. 'it was full of politicians, and politicians came and went. same thing with Congress. the military had never trusted politicians. it didn't trust civilians. period. the military was America's backbone, its power and its honor. it didn't take sides. it didn't have to make promises it couldn't keep or gamble with the national interest to get elected. you could count on the military to see things straight, to see things through and to do things right. The DIA was only dangerous to the nation's enemies.'

'but where did The CIA fit in? and The National Security Agency? didn't The DIA have to share these responsibilities?'

'The National Security Agency took care of the electronic and satellite stuff,' McCloskey replied. 'and all that was filtered through The DIA before it went to Langley. The NSA did an important, technical job. As for The CIA, its main use as far as the military was concerned was as cover, as a front operation. while Congress, the media and the whole world watched The CIA, America's real spy shop could get on with its work the way it was supposed to – in secret.
everybody knew about The CIA. it was good for a scandal a year at least because it leaked from top to bottom. it was a public agency, pinned down by White House directives and Congressional committees. it's director was a public figure. everybody knew about William Colby, Richard Helms, George Bush, William Casey, William Webster, Robert Gates – but who even knew the name of The DIA Director?'

'not me,' said Coleman.

'damn right,' said McCloskey. not that I guess you'll ever get to meet him anyhow. or even see the inside of Arlington Hall, come to that. the only DIA personnel you're ever likely to meet will be your handler and maybe a couple of agents you'll work with.' (and he was right. it was only after The DIA froze him out that Coleman finally learned that the name of his boss, the agency's director of operations, was Lt General James Kappler.)"

Trail of the Octopus

"for a better explanation of the CIA's relationship to SHAPE, see 'America Betrayed' by Rhawn Joseph."

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