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Why 15.000 + Armenian Bureaucrats of the ottomans closed their eyes to Genocide

You think everybody is fool and only you ratbrain liarmenian is geneus..

-Gabriel Noradukyan
22 July 1912-23January 1913 Foreign affairs Ministe..Armenians were killing since 1895 .Only 18years he closed his eyes to genocide.

-Sakizli Ohannes pasha Minister of Finace

He closed his eyes like Mikael Portukal pasha ,another Armenian Finance Minister of the Ottoman Empire.

-Ohannes Kuyumcuyan Paşa (1909-1913 Secretary General of Foeign Ministry.he closed his eyes to Armenian genocide for 4years for ottoman Golds(!)hahahahha

-Edward bey of Egypt.Foreign Ministry's Law adviser until 1908.
He advised to close all eyes to unkknown genocide of the Liars...

-Hrant Abro Bey .Legal Adviser to Foreign Ministry of ottoman Empire until 1917.

Breh breh breh what a traitor.Turks killed 1.5millions of armenians between 1895-1915 but he worked for the killers until 1917

-Hrant Duz Bey,this taritor to his own race worked or the genocider ottomans until 1907 in Messia without a single mercy .....


-Hovsep Misakyan Efendi (La Haye/Hollanda) Until 1907.taritor betrayer to his own race hahahahahah

-Ohannes Magakyan Efendi,(Konsolos Yardımcıs ı/ Ozie-Serbia)between 1900-1908 another Traitor for Ottoman Gold coins
-Mihran Kavafyan Efendi Frnce (Consul general/ Brussels 1907, Ambassador)What a traitor in two European central.he knows everything about the genocide but never said anything to anyone...

-Shekip Effendi (Head Clerck Berlin/Germany between 1900-1907)He knows the genocide but Ottomans gave him 1millions Euros to keep his mouth shut..

-Harutyun Markaryan Efendi (Head Clerc 1900-1907-Belgrad)

-Hovsep Azaryan Efendi (Consul-Malta)1901-1909

-Sarkis Balyan Efendi (Cosul-Bari/Italy)
what a group of betrayers to their own nation when bloodthirsty Turks were cutting 1.5millions of Armenian children,women,pregnants etc..

-Dikran Hünkarbegendiyan (Deputy Consul 1888-1911 Odesa/Rusya)He was paid in Ruble by the Ottoman Central bank to keep his mouth shut to 1.5millions of Armenians..

-Levon Bey Yeremyan (II. Katip/Paris1888-1909)This traitor was the most cruel one.ottomans had been killing his own people since 1895 but he was explaining to the French government.

Other Members of the Armenian Denial gansters Group

-Diran Bey Dadyan (II.Legal Clerk/Brussels 1900-1909)

-Levon Bey Yeremyan (II. Legal clerk/Paris)1888-1908

-Minas Yeram Efendi (Deputy Consul /Zanta)1900-1908

-Ohannes Nafilyan Efendi (Consul /Tiflis Georgia)1900-1907
this one is unforgiven.He was very close to the Genocide territory but did not even go there vah vah vah what a Medz Yegern for him.

-Hrant Bey Noradukyan (Deputy Consul/Galat-Romanya)1900-1908

-Arsen Efendi (Consul General Newcastle/İngiltere and Patras/Greece)1888-1917

State Council memebers(Great betrayers and Traitors to Armenian Race)When Turks were killing every single Armenian they became members of the Ottoman Surayi Devlet(Council Of the State)


-Ilyas Cayan Efendi

Andon Koyesan (Accounting Section))He kept the daily total of the Genocided Armenians :))

-Duran Bey
-Zarah Dilber Efendi
-Bedros Zeki Garabetyan
-Krikor Hıdıryan Efendi
-Hrant Asadur Efendi

Members of the Ottoman Parliement after 1908
Look look look..what a bunch of traitors.
They know Ottoman have been killing all armenians systematicaly since 1895 but they are still in Ottoman parliement...
what a shame....

-Krikor Zohrap
-Bedros Hallacyan
-Agop Babikyan
-Nazaret Dağavaryan

Public Servant Head Officials.

Sisak Ferit Bey (Censor mang)

Minas Gamsar (Censor Mang)

Levon Surenyan (Censor Mang)

Bogos Parnasyan (Press and agencies mang.)

Harutyun Hamdanyan(Foreign Correspondance mang.)

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