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14th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

hey LIAR-menians, What would USA do if they were in our place ?

Hey Liar-menians...

Tell me What would USA do if Hispanics betray in a collabration with Russia to establish a NEW MEXICAN STATE to unify with Mexico,When USA army were fighting with United allies,Russia & Mexico in the fictious 3 WW?

What would USA do if American Hispanic USA citizens suddenly start to ware Mexican /French /Russian uniforms and kill women,old,children and handicapped Americans in their own homes in Texas and New Mexico when all men of the USA army
were fighting in 14 fronts against the all the leading powers/Allies of the world...

Tell me what would USA do?

USA bombed Hirosima and Nagazaki killed 250.000Japanese people after a finished war for the revenge of PearlHarbour's 2300 lost Americans.

They kept a million Japanese/Americans in consantration camps all 2.WW long.

But,Turks only deported Liar-menian(armenians are LIARS) traitor betrayers to another Ottoman Turks province from Van Bitlis and Mus Cities only to another Ottoman Province in today's Syria,Der Zor...

Liar-menians have been insulting,spreading lies and slanders about "my People"" for 100years with a great inferiorty complex of beeing a traitor betrayer nation to their own state,Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 20th Century with the provocations of Russians and British & French governments..

They have collaborated with the enemies(Russians in 1878-79/1914-15-French army in 1914-15),and wore their military uniforms and killed their own neighbors who have been living with them for at least 13 centuries in Anatolia.

What should Turks do after those hostilities.?

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