A very sad visit to main hospital in Gaza. Plz read and share.

Took these pics at Shifa hospital, the main hospital in the Gaza Strip today. Pictures don't do the sight i saw the least of justice. People in their hundreds, women, children, elderly men and women turned the hospital grounds into a huge refuge camp. Makeshift ragged tents made from cloth and cardboard scattered all over the grounds, little kids looking hungry and disoriented, their parents looking hopeless and clueless as to how the hell they are going to provide for their family their food, not to mention clothes, school stuff... Basically everything. These people lost absolutely EVERYTHING! Can anyone out there imagine what it is like to all the sudden be in the street, stripped from your house that was demolished for no bloody reason what so ever!! Of course i did not live through the terrible events that led to the displacement and loss of homes for tens of thousands of palestinians in 1948.. But i never in my wildest dreams have i ever thought that i would get to see the occurrence of such a catastrophe once again my self. It was a very sad sight indeed and makes me feel really sad and outraged that there are people out there who have the audacity to even try justifying what Israel did to us. How stupid is Israel to keep fueling our feelings of hate towards them? Don't they have any decent people in Israel? Is that really possible that they really believe that their army is protecting them by killing hundreds of innocent civilians and destroying their homes, Not to mention the several hundred factories that provide food and much needed employment?
Only conclusion is that they do want us to hate them.. I honestly cant think of another reason.
God help our poor and miserable people in their this time of need.
Couldn attach pics. Plz see in previous post if u like.

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