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19th Feb 2014 from TwitLonger

[MBC Radio 손뿌잉 PD- "The first time I like a male idol"]

The first male idol group I like! Which is SHINee who shouts 'We are Shining SHINee!" and bow 90 degrees at the same time.
I was first introduced to SHINee as them being in the same company as DJ Shindong.
After I have really met them, I only thought "Ah~ Here comes a few good looking boys again". However, the moment when they came forward to greet me, there was a child-like and pure ambience that filled up.
As a male PD, it is a fact that I'll pay more attention to female idols and learn their names faster and I have never felt this strong reaction towards male idols. With the follow up of their performances, I slowly realize that as compared to my initial opinions, these kids are really like-able!

After saying all these, it can't be said that I like men ah~ It is just that it is a new feeling and I wonder if I have grown older or really like their songs.

Taemin, who has been displayed as a charismatic guy on WGM and has shook many females' hearts, is a very shy youngster in reality. Key, who has been the topic of conversations lately, is actually a quiet kid. Onew captures the writer noonas' hearts by being like a good role model. Minho is still the same and at that time, soccer triumphs over any women and now, he is a man who is much competitive as compared to any other male idols. In addition, I now find Jonghyun ideological while I initially thought he is a chap who is a glib talker. I'm not sure if it is because the influence of 'Blue Night' radio is too great.

Such cute men have become charismatic idols now. When I return again, will you not think that the way I see men is not bad too?


(*not 100% accurate)

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