@FernandaCamino @ElkeHassell @invincislay @Coleen4MJ @Alma_Vieja @MJRapidResponse URGENT! About Wade and the "Trial".


Hi everyone, I am sharing some information that I received yesterday from a
reputable source. I know that many of us have been upset with the outcome of
wade robson’s claims, particularly the news we heard on friday, september 27,

The few media stories that were released about wade's case going
to “trial” was yet another disappointment. I am not sure how others interpreted
the news from the media but I took it as a trial not a court hearing date. So I
decided to write to one of MJ's estate contacts, about how I, and the fans were so
upset about the bad news. I also expressed how I hope that Mr. Mesereau gets
involved with the “trial” next year. Well, to my surprise, they were so kind to
respond to me. The gentleman i conversed with said that there is no trial date
scheduled and that june 2, 2014 is a court hearing date set to determine whether
or not robson can file and pursue this late claim against the estate. There are
more minor details but i have to wait until i get permission to share all of it
from my source.

So what I thought was a trial is not …its just a court hearing date set for
june 2, 2014. And what I thought was happening friday, september 27, 2013, is
not going to take place until june 2, 2014. I am not sure what went on last
friday in the court room, I know that there was talk about wade having to prove
that he did not know about the estate before a certain date but I never got the
chance to ask the particulars of last friday’s court date. If I hear back from
him again I will ask, however, I know he is a very busy person and i am so
thankful that he responded to my email in the first place. So with that, i can’t
promise anything. I take this as good news. It stinks that we have to wait nine
months to hear what we were waiting to hear last friday but its better than the
news I thought it was…which was that wade got a trial date and that is not true
at all. So again, there is no trial date set, and no civil trial date set
either, as some choose to believe…and we all know who that is.

Meg v. Kelly
It’s all for L.O.V.E. <3

P.s. When I get permission to share my source I will post the email that was
sent to me.

P.s.s. Besides my gratitude to the person who gave me the
information, I would like to also thank my friend craig and also my friend who
runs the “I believe Michael Jackson Is Innocent” facebook page for all your
support in this and getting this information out to everyone.

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