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25th May 2013 from TwitLonger

@BarackObama #AGHolder #JimCarney
#Rosen #Fox and wins by any means necessary. This Salon piece is a piece all right. First of all just because you write well, or write for HuffPo, Raw Story, lternet does not Make you a journalist! So where does one cross the line from author,writer, blogger to journalist? For starters it would be appropriate to begin as a beat reporter. To cover specific city,state and federal outposts. Certainly one should be familiar with the applicable laws pertinent to each outpost. It goes without saying, that you have to fact-check AS YOU Write the story!!! you should have integrity of character and not looking to make a movie with Brad Pitt! As well you need to learn and follow the rules whether it's AP,Chicago or NYT Stylebook. Yes there are rules.

Getting friendly and kissing butt to get a story is NOT investigative reporting. Simply because in order to reach the truth you have to walk alone. Having "insiders" that can give you a scoop? is not in my opinion investigative journalism. You get those difficult stories by knowing the subject matter, you have to learn quickly by being smart and clever enough to cull the information from the source.

Having pointed this out? you can see why there are so few fine journalists, in the United States in particular, with their penchant for "favors" "exposure" "breaking news" mentality. I say Holder send Rosen to jail. He is not a journalist he is a spy, under the cloak of being an reporter!

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