{PROJECT} Jonghyun and the 1000 paper cranes ✰彡 http://i.imgur.com/BXPC2ZH.jpg

« The legend of the thousand cranes (千羽鶴, せんばづる, senbazuru ou zenbazuru) comes from Japan. It says that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish of health, long life, love or happiness. »

This legend inspired one of our members, emma-aima, who suggested this idea so we could make a project for Jonghyun. As you already know, Jonghyun took part in a car accident, and even if there's no reason to worry and make a project of support for him, we thought the idea was really cute, unique and symbolic. That's why we decided to handle this project, and we hope many of you will take part !

We will gather your pictures, in order to make a video ; and we encourage you to share it as much as possible and, most importantly, to send it to Jonghyun on Twitter. Yesterday, during 'Fire' showcase, Key said that we fans should send many messages to Jonghyun on Twitter, to show him our support. We hope he'll look at his mentions during his recovery and end up seeing this video if many people send him the link ;)


Pretty easy ; you need to make one or many paper cranes, to take a picture of them and to send it via email to Nana at nana@shineefrance.net before wednesday, 10th April. Don't forget to give your first name and the name of the country you come from (so we can give proper credits at the end of the video). Make as many cranes as you want, we need to reach 1000 ! So, think about Jonghyun and... fold !


- 4 pics maximum per person.
- Please avoid touching up the pictures ; if you really want to, please don't add any text, frame or anything that could not fit the atmosphere of the video. But you can edit the colors.
- You don't have to appear on the picture, it's up to you !
- Do not hesitate to be creative with the setting, or to add a message like what you can see on the picture at the beginning of the article (but it has to be short if you want Jonghyun to be able to read it).



You are free concerning the design of your crane. If you want to decorate your paper (before folding it) or buy a colored paper, we invite you to do so. It's even highly recommended as it will make each crane unique (1000 similar cranes on the same video would be weary). But if you'd rather use a classic white paper, it's possible too. You are free to do as you please. The only important thing is that you do it with all your heart. Have fun realizing it, don't give up if you encounter difficulties to fold (the first crane might be quite hard to make), we want everyone to achieve something with their own hands with only one thing in mind : wish Jonghyun a good recovery.

We hope many of you will join the project and have fun.
Shawol, all together to see our five stars going back together very soon. ♥

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