[Also note: [subset 3] and [subset 4] - A step up from the fake illuminati & possible origins of subset-1..:

[subset 3] The (fake) internet Masons (simply because the fake illuminati [subset 1] imply as such and Im calling bullshit :)) and ...[subset 4] the GFOLbots (Who use the #GFOL name but primarily are acting within this cyber circle)

[subset 3] (fake) Internet Masons - I refer to them as fake masons because they put out disinfo about real Masons in order to further their ends, while acting as tho they know all about or are Masons. (There may be real masons acting within this Cyber Circle - IDK) There are levels in Masonry, degrees etc. (Apparently) Those at the top know. Those at the bottom, do not. (I'll pause here to remind you of subset-1). I've categorized this group separate to subset-1 because this group has more credence to the things it says, yet I believe most are either budding satanists or acting on (or with, in some cases) satanic (or psychological) operations. (And because I believe this is where some of the (hilarious) "illuminati" claims of subset-1 emanate from). They either try to act as tho they are outlets for the 'truth', or put out pretty sophisticated (among the less educated) disinfo, generally sticking to themes such as the GFOL, world war, nuclear conspiracies, pseudoscience, "higher" politics, economics, UFOs and Space wars. Most of those within these groups are not so intimidating in general, but some of the info gets messed in with the other subsets due to disinformation sharing and similar subject topic, which then leads to the other subsets picking up on the (fake) Masonic stimuli. (Which is why they have been included with these subset groups). Most of the ideas set forth by this group are around the ideas in technological advancement first construed in the 60's by those working to further create the ARPAnet (ARPA = Ye Olde DARPA), including an idea to form an "Inter-Galactic network" and associated federation (a philosophy always popular among these types of queries being the idea of thinking machines and possibility of programmability within the nature of technological/human consciousness). They also tend to be running psychologically parallel to much of the sci-fi programming within popular entertainment as opposed to anything truly ontological, Masonic or religious.
[subset 4] - The #GFOL bots... This group is not nessecerily associated with the GFOL in an "official" capacity, but they like to act as tho they are in order to further whatever agendas they may have (this group is very similar to subset 1, some of the persons involved could fall into both categories). Obviously after looking into the origins of the Galactic federation and the implications of programming, I personally believe the faith people have in the GFOL is due to a continued psyop to continue to advance the original ideas (However, it seems some people took stargate too literally in this process, but then imagery bombardment will do that). [I refer to them as bots specifically because they refer to themselves as the networking program mentioned that was thought out 50 years ago for computer technology]. Characteristics of GFOLbots are similar to subset-1, (tho they are more noticeable when working under this label, as every 'channel' turns out to be a liar, or has no psychic instinct at all, or is talking consistent complete and utter nonsense in the ways here described). The GFOL bots that Im referring to appear to have a group-think kind of mentality, much like within the control structure of other cultish ideologies, they have a tendency to just "follow the leader" (and should not be confused with general lightworkers or interdimensional visitation experiencers (who generally are their unique beautiful selves)). As a basic lightworker I got drawn into the operations of these people as the GFOLbots first present themselves/their "work" as a spiritual endeavor, but it is based on fake vids, fake people, fake alien psyops and outright pseudo-scientific and spiritual nonsense. Most of the GFOLbots that push this stuff are aggressive and have a tendency to get a little nasty when questioned. But you can spot them from easy disinfo. EG; they will video what are clearly satellites in the sky, at times, and places, when satellites are there, and then claim that they are "definitely" UFOs. [which to people that can't seem to research the tracks of satellites, they probably are]. Or the predicting of things like planet 'nibiru', or the first landing/contact with 'pleaidians', or the bringing down of various governments (all of which have resulted in much fail). However please note Im not talking about any official GFOL representative (that Im aware of), Im referring specifically to subset-4 and the different tactics utilised by this particular cyber circle (on the whole) in order to create fear, or in the case of creating a psychologically synthetic environment within the intended effect of dissociation and cognitive dissonance (as described in previous tweets - this is much like a forced hallucination, that occurs due to a bombardment of imagery or stimuli, layered within the greater scheme of the psychological operation (IE; within the other uses of mind control and torture such as grapheme manipulation and psychological encodement, the use of ELF (extremely low frequency) weapons etc)). The GFOL tag is perfect for them to do this and look completely innocent in the process.

((In reference to the implied claims of the fake illuminati [subset 1] and the sex mind control group [subset 2] (regarding subsets 3+4) - The difference between a fake mason or a fake illuminati, and *real illuminati/real Masons* is that Genuine Masons don't publicly act like the fake ones do, in that a 'fake' illuminated individual will be straight in on normal/innocent people with the implication of "Im a Mason and I know something you don't", and will generally use this as a form of abuse or intimidation. RL Masons simply don't act like this, unless they're just natural pricks, in which case, I doubt they'd be asked back to any respectable or official lodge or society. One of the prime beliefs within Masonry is the idea of perennial philosophy within evolution and intelligence, and the way it can be shaped and guided etc. The reason this kind of knowledge is considered "secret", until one has achieved his own "enlightenment", is probably because of what can happen when it's in the wrong hands. These subset groups are quite clearly the wrong hands (whether what they believe is imaginary or not). They simply believe that they know stuff the rest of the world doesn't, (which isn't true, most of them don't actually seem to understand the science, history or philosophies) and they act as tho they believe that they have the privilege to treat other human beings like their personal labrats in their quest to "Take over the world" (along with using various ways of manipulating spiritual information out of/within others).)).

These subset people generally use a fixed code structure, more often linked with the 'evil' Illuminati "i-men" or the lower degrees within the crazy triangle/Bell formation codes, mainly for the use of targetted (individual) semantics, psychic driving, and passing on information]

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