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[130227/INTERVIEW/ENG] 'i want to be a good person', by actor kim woobin

★ everytime when i look at comments on me2day i feel get more energy
when i want to communicate or tell a story with my fans i don't know what i have to do so i asked my agency then they told me to open me2day account. i asked PR-team noona how to posting and how to check comments, i just learned those 2 methods. when i have free time i will posts and check comments, eventhough i can't read them all. when i look at the comments so many people says like me and that makes me feel my energy up again. even if i'm in the middle of working during break times i read it then i feel re-energize again. so everytime i feel tired i'll find/read it purposely. thanks for all your support.
i'm not very good at use smartphone. my phone does not really have many applications also i dont understand the function of it. me2day too, it's a lil difficult at first but i can use it naturally now. all posting that i posted is written by myself. at first, tells my story to others like reveal my diary, it feels so awkward but that's how i communicate with my fans.

★ through 'school2013', me2day friends also concerns about school violence problems
actually when i woke up in the morning i read some articles in newspaper. my uncle is a reporter, so it effects me to read the newspaper. however, a lot of articles that talked about toxic school violence incidents last year. how serious school violence problem was makes my heart feels bad. so when i received 'school2013' synopsis i went for auditions directly. because i really want to participate to cover on such school-related realistic problems. i though it would be great if i can give a lil help to solve the problem. while shooting 'school2013' i upped a posting on me2day to me2day friends 'if you watch the drama with your families and have conversation (about the drama) you can share it with me' then they comment with the stories. look at those comments, i feel what i was working on seems meaningfull and get more energy.
ever since i became interest to social problems, i wondered about problems that Oh Jongho (Kwak Jungwook) and Minki had. why they had such minds and what big reasons caused them like that. it might be because of their neighborhood but i think 'they who received such wounds if we can understand a lil bit their minds it might be better'. would another problem appears? if me2day friends and friends around them more concerns about this then it would be better. we can understand each others if they tell us more about their minds. one day my teacher called me to the consultation room, it's really uncomfortable. seriously if you have problems you have to go there. i wish counseling room will be more comfortable and open easily, so student will talks about their problems. at least if there's no door you can say hi to your counselor when passing by. when i was in my 3rd grade senior high school my homeroom teacher helped me alot. he/she understood minds and hearts half student in our class also had dialogue often. whether you're good at study or not but it will be good for you if you close with all your teachers. i'm still keep in contact with my teacher, and want to see them again.

★ Go Namsoon and Park Heungsoo are an old friend from the beginning
Jongsuk and I were a friend since our model activities. Jongsuk's age is same with me also we worked in same shows sometimes but actually he is my senior. we met and talked often but we're getting more closer while shooting 'school2013'. when i played as park heungsoo, i really love go namsoon. i got a good friend because of school2013 drama. we're still contact each other frequently. because our tight schedules we can't meet lately but we will call or text each other. because Jongsuk also has a me2day account, so when we take a picture together then uploads it, we will check each other's account. "upload it too? why?" "upload." even if our faces didn't really showed, but we will still check it. i/we take photos as much as possible, picked one of them then posted it. because i want to show my good look to fans. when shoot school2013, because a lot of them (casts) have me2day too so during our break times they will held their phone and me2 (it same like tweet). i think fans and i have a lil more communication now, so i want them to like the drama. because we have such connection.

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