Eyewitness’s statement of #Rohingya Kundan, Sittwe
Kundan Ward locates near Aungmingla , 1008 #Rohingya houses were besides the East and West of Chin pain Road, there are 2 monasteries, one of them is in front of Mosque which was built in 1775.
In Sittwe, Rakhine mobs organized by RNDP,ALP,ALD , had prepared to attack #Rohingya since May. First week of June 2012, Rakhine started swearing & abusing #Rohingya who went to the markets, most of the #Rohingya didn’t open their shops in the markets.
In Kundan, most of #Rohingya were workers, shop keepers and labors. Since 8th June 2012, #Rohingya in Kundan were blocked ,couldn’t go out to buy and sell . 9th June 2012, Rakhine mobs, security forces and Rakhine militants surrounded #Rohingya of Kundan, head of Taungshweywa monastery which is located in front of Mosque came to #Rohingya and told , he would control his people and Rohingya should better stay inside the houses.
10th June, nearly 3000 Rakhine mobs surrounded again , security forces were in front line holding weapons and shields, Rakhine started setting fire from East, west, and south of Kundan. When #Rohingya tried to put off fire, security forces started firing , 3 #Rohingya ; Aye Tun, Hafiz Majiburrahman,& Lalu, died on the spot , another 9 #Rhingya who hit bullets of security forces were as follows;
1. Rashid (Son of) Jameel 26 yrs old on thigh
2. Muhammad Jamal (Son of)Mathalab 25 yrs on abdomen
3. Muhammad Jalal (Son of) Abdu Munaaf 24 yrs on leg
4. Sadek (Son of) Rabiul Kader 19 yrs on thigh
5. Shamshul Alam (Son of) Magul Ahmed 27 yrs on knee
6. Said (Son of) Hulsan 18 yrs on eye
7. Nur Alam (Son of) Magul 20yrs on leg
8. Umar Hakim (Son of) Nur Ali 30 yrs on thigh
9. Lalamiah (Son of) Magul 35 yrs on arm
13 are missing from Kun Dan of Sitttwe, all #Rohingya didn’t burn , security forces and military forced all #Rohingya to go out of the houses and run towards south of KunDan where there is a water grass farm, people ran and took refuge in the muddy water, later military took them Budua, Thechaung, and Sammanna Fara .Now those people are in the camps provided by UNHCR.
If we analyze all violence; in May, June and October , we can realize that Rakhine authority and military preplanned the violence, they used arms against the unarmed #Rohingya, Rakhine mobs looted all #Rohingya’s properties, those houses which didn’t burnt , Rakhine authority used Bulldozers to destroy those building, they tried to clear all evidences as soon as possible. Rakhine authority brought special Bulldozer teams to destroy #Rohingya’s houses and Mosques.

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