Trust the system? Morgan Stanley was recently forced to cough up $4.8 million dollars for wrongdoing that pushed up the price of electricity in New York, costing consumers about $300 million. Since Morgan Stanley made $21.6 million from this deal, they still made more than $16 million in profit despite their misdeeds. Does that sound fair? I'm reminded that the MBTA just raised penalties for evading a $2 train fare to $50 for the first offense with penalties for repeat offenders getting up to $200. I'm pretty sure no one is evading MBTA fares to buy a home in the Hamptons. I think the people who evade fares are those who feel the pinch of spending a measly $2. So don't tell me to “trust the system” that guides our society. I refuse to because the system is severely rigged in favor of those who control it.

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