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21st Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

Some, (read: none), of you may have noticed that I left a certain person out of my 200th follower tweet. And that person is @BronyRT.

A huge reason for my sudden growth is because of this retweet bot, run by @Mezgrman. I figured the easiest way to get my #MLPProblems out there is to put keywords that would get retweeted by @BronyRT, (ain't I an egghead?).

Subsequently, people who followed him, (862 as of this tweet), would see the newest #MLPProblems, thus expanding the chance for more followers, favorites, and retweets.

Saying I'm grateful isn't enough. Mentioning him in the 200th follower tribute wasn't enough for me either. i can confidently say that I owe my entire reason for continuing #MLPProblems on @BronyRT. Dude, you're the best, and I'm sure I'll get even more followers because of you. Keep on rocking!

(As an aside, the @BronyRT family has been in danger of suspension quite a bit due to being a "spambot". (Hardy har har). Please make sure this doesn't continue to happen my fellow #Twitterbronies. Give him the love you give me, and double that, for I wouldn't be typing this without him).

As always, keep smiling my friends. And follow @BronyRT!!!!

Kyle Morgan,
aka @MLPProblems

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