To Those Slandering Our Group:

Most of us are not on twitter so we welcome the opportunity to address this matter.

We do not know WHO the heck this "ASH" is speaking of as WE ARE THE GROUP! And, would appreciate this “ASH” coming forward with NAMES to prove her point! We are sick of all this speculation and these manufactured & manipulated lies.

We, the undersigned, ARE THE GROUP you are talking about that went on the trip to Los Angeles for a solid week in June of 2011. Let us first say it is SO sad to have to address this about a trip that was because of Michael's 2nd death anniversary. We are a loving group and a spiritual group and we went there to pay our respects and celebrate Michael's life.

We call ourselves MJ Sisters because we have spent almost everyday together for over 2-years on chat, phone, texting, and emailing. We are FAMILY. We helped each through the grief of Michael's passing and since have supported each other through losing parents, welcoming new children and grandchildren into the world, through job changes, marital problems, and so much more. We even know each other's pets' names. :) So, when we finally met in-person last June - it was a VERY emotional and wonderful event! We stand up for one another and even though @mjsunflowerjj has hoped this would run it's course and not cause any confrontation as she is a loving and peaceful person which ANYONE in this community who knows her knows this is true - we can't see this tear her up or hurt any of us anymore.

It has PAINED us greatly to see all of this slime talk going on about our trip and our group. This was NOT a scam in ANYWAY. We have receipts and pictures. We had a couple of characters on the trip who were not of our normal group and they tried to cause trouble and drum up drama - but we would NOT allow it, gladly letting them go their separate way - as they chose and do their own thing. But, hey - the other 28 of us - spent an entire week together having breakfast together every morning, jumping on our chartered bus to go tour LA with all Michael-related sites every day, as well as taking in Disneyland, traveling to Neverland, going to Forest Lawn, a candlelight ceremony at Michael's house, and then back to hotel every night to have cocktails together without one cat fight. :) We think this is a lot to be proud of for a group of almost 30-women.

There was NO DISCUSSION of Neverland - other than us going to Neverland.

We have our own goals and projects as a group and it has NOTHING to do with a scam, taking donations in Michael's name or anyone elses' name.

We are PROUD of how we have NEVER had in-fights as most groups have. We are proud of the work WE DO. And, we are very close to the creator and organizer of our site and group @mjsunflowerjj.

She is very ill right now and anyone that has been kind enough to call her at the hospital or keep in touch with her like we have and MANY who love her in this community - would know SHE IS battling cancer and we are APPALLED that a self-appointed and fairly NEW fan group whom has NEVER met any of us would create such a nasty attack for NO REASON.

They expected for ALL these people to come out of the woodwork being owed money and have all these bad things to say. The truth is - WE ARE THE GROUP who WENT ON THE TRIP and are together all the time and WE HAVE NO COMPLAINTS! NONE!

We demand this madness to STOP now and all posts be removed and all slanderous and cruel comments cease. We are NOT going to stand by any longer and have this behavior happen to her or toward our loving group. The damages are great to many of us - but, to her especially during the beginning of her cancer journey. Really??? MJ Fan group???

It is NOT the Michael-way to treat anyone like this but, especially someone this ill with such a disease as cancer.

The person that started all of this - has been paid her reimbursement from a trip that a few of us were to attend and were ALL reimbursed immediately. And, had this person who started this NOT been playing such ridiculous games that SHE contacted ALL of us about - so we are privy to WHAT REALLY happened - then she would have been reimbursed right away as well and she knows it and so do some in this community who have not spoken out. BUT, WE ARE SPEAKING OUT as this has gone on LONG ENOUGH!

As far as the so-called "scheme" . . . THIS IS ABSOLUTE SLANDER. We still are working and have gone through many a plan change since the early draft of what you have so manipulatively displayed in a way that is so dishonest.

It has been and IS our group's dream to do our part to "Heal the World" and we do have a GREAT plan we continue to work on. And, in the beginning - we believed Neverland was the PERFECT place for us to set our goals toward. We will NOT turn away from our goals or projects - any more than we would ask anyone else to do so. We do not ask for MONEY or even any help to do anything outside of our own group.

We are booked up for upcoming June to go to Los Angeles again and we cannot wait to be together in Michael's city once again. But, we are painfully aware of why we are going and why we all are together so it is bitter sweet. We all still mourn for him and miss him dearly. Therefore, this is WHY it is sad to see this display of DISGUSTING behavior occurring in our community.

So - now that you have HEARD from the ACTUAL group that goes on the trips and works on our plan - we expect you to take everything down - delete your comments and OFFER up a HUGE apology to ALL of us the undersigned.

Mary Helen L. ... USA
Renee B. ... USA
Michelle D. ... USA
Abby A. ... USA
Reba S. ... USA
Kendal P. ... USA
Laurie L. ... USA
Edite P. ... Portugal
Michelle D. ... USA
Minna H. ... Finland
Tanja S. ... Austria
Kathy T. ... USA
Maria S. ... Sweden
Laura T. ... USA
Michelle R. ... USA
Helle KP. ... Denmark
Hollie A. ... USA
Kesha L. ... USA
Anne D. ... UK
Dale M. ... USA
Jenny B. ... UK
Doris S. .... USA
Mayra R. ... Brazil
Christina D. ... Canada
Jenny A. .... USA
Maria A ... Portugal
Pia E. ... Sweden

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