A COLLECTION of LINKS about the WEB WAR of ISRAEL to save their myths and lies, which every times ends in an #EPICFAIL!

Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media

The power of lies, deceptions and disinformation as the world pay the price of collective stupidity while for Israel the oiled machine of propaganda is starting to get hick-ups after 64 year of successful fooling the world around, to distract all from the real issue: Ethnic Cleansing, save yourself time, it's all about this:

Tweeting with the Israeli military ~ by @samikishawi
http://t.co/sxjPjGQ0 #Hasbara #Epicfail (exposed ) after the murder of #MustafaTamimi

New York Times (Dec 11, 2011) After Fatal Shooting of Palestinian, Israeli Soldiers Defended Use of Force Online

Telegraph (Dec 11, 2011) Israeli military spokesman accused of mocking dead Palestinian protester - Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/palestinianauthority/8949527/Israeli-military-spokesman-accused-of-mocking-dead-Palestinian-protester.html

IMEMC (Dec 12, 2011)
Israeli military issues statement, tweets on the killing of non-violent protester

Israel goes berserq after tweeps sponteanously trended #IsraelHates, while Israel itself issued a genuine WEB WAR DECLARATION (in media & online announcements yes)

While Israel was preparing itself for Twitter war over Palestinian state already on 25-5-2011

Download the "We Believe in Israel-Toolkit" (PDF) & see how lies & myths are bended & buried, how they fool you (Own mind / brain not required for the hasbarafools)

Or this manual of the only country manipulating & publicly displaying intentions to influence minds: read here a Manual HOWTO #hasbara:

Israel spending a lot of shekels on the web warfare because...
Truth does not bother "Israel" Buttons Do. To Mute.

So they posted a enlistmentcampaign & call recruits to duty!
"Tweeting for Israel" - Nov 8, 2011

Some epic fail earlier: Previous exposure of israels Hasbara: JIDF and the Megaphonies Take Down Reddit Page Pointing Out Their Existence

Recently.. JIDF Lacks Balls & Shekels! (again)

Twitter seems to be a great problem for israel since they even spend taxmoney on following people on twitter (2:47 min)

Let's not forget, the most moral army even hijacks PHONES of TWEEPS to spread the lies around: Watch it happen here:

Let's not forget...
The same ones appalled by a #IsraelHates FACTS campaign are the same "InternetDefenseForce" that put a genuine "hitlist" online before anyone could sail on #Flotilla2:

Even pays to send DIPLOMATS to a TWITTER course (2learn 2lie) Truth does not bother "Israel" Buttons Do. To Mute:

Ministry of Hasbara: IDF Has Become Israel’s Chief Delegitimizer ~ by Richard Silverstein

More resources can be found in the post:

Spread it - End the Silence & Ignorance.
Knowledge is Power
The Truth Will prevail!

► No tear gas works here, we have Firewall in stead of an #Apartheid Wall….for #Palestine
► No live rounds we use like them, we are non violent, we use Plain Bytes of Truth…
► No restrictions of movements, we travel fast and free…for #Palestine
► No oppression can stop us, we are many and API is our weaponry…. #Palestine
► No matter you state, we will multiply the opposite truth faster than your hasbara can travel on the WWW….
► No “influence public opinion”-calls needed, truth is shouting out #Palestine
► The Lobby does not work here, we “work” for free, and feel no call for duty but Justice
► We are many, millions, tireless and unstoppable - Freedom for #Palestine

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