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19th Apr 2011 from Twitlonger

UPDATED: Just a reminder of the insane things Gaddafi and his family has done AND IS CONTINUING TO DO in the last two months, just to stay in power:

- used snipers, including ones in helicopters, on peaceful protestors
- fired on peaceful protestors with anti-aircraft machine guns
- executed protestors injured in shootings by his soldier, while they were in the hospital
- mercenaries took over ambulances and killed injured protestors in the street
- collected dead bodies of protestors and took them to some undisclosed location
- kidnapped thousands of protestors, by bang their doors down at night and dragging them out of their homes
- hire mercenaries to kill Libyans
- shot, killed and burned soldiers alive who refused to kill Libyans
- raped countless women in revenge
- attacked Libyans with tanks
- ordered the bombing of Libyan civilians, causing pilots to defect while in the middle of the mission
- used ban munitions: white phosphorus and cluster bombs, indiscriminately on civilians
- fired thousands of grad missiles into civilians in nafusa mountains and misratah
- cut off power, food supplies, water to the nafusa mountains, misratah, etc
- destroyed at least two mosque on purpose
- bulldozed the graves of those who died fighting militias sent by gaddafi
- went door to door executing those who stood against him in zawiyah

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