iOS 4.3 Gold Master Candidate: VoiceOver Feature, Changes, Fixes and Bugs
Please Note:
* This is an unofficial change log
* All items that are listed are all based on user discovery.
* There is the small possibility that additional items were overlooked and/or are incorrect.
* iOS 4.3 for mainstream will be made available March 11.

* with VoiceOver sounds, on power off screen, touch slide to power off, and will hear drilling sound.

* In Safari, "tabs" button is relabeled as "pages".
* four-finger swipe up or down gesture (to move to first or previous element) is now four-finger tap top-half or bottom-half of touch screen.

* in slider, three-finger swipe up/down will move in units of 8.
* While performing a read-all, slide ring/silent switch will not interrupt read all.
* when composing/replying to messages in messages, Skype, TweetList, IMPlus, and other apps; virtual keyboard is always present and bluetooth keyboard text entry always works.
* On an active call, receive second call, buttons are labeled properly
* With hints off, opening/closing folder gives only tone, no longer provide VO message about opening/closing folder.
* replying to an email, adding recipient(s), VoiceOver focus can be placed in message body and text can be entered.
* Forwarding an email, adding recipient(s), VoiceOver focus can be placed in message body and text can be entered.
* If speech is turned off, adjusting volume doesn't turn speech back on anymore.

* use iPhone as a phone, randomly toggles between aerpiece and speaker. (old)
* Safari: when tab browsing, switching to different tabs, VoiceOver will display old tab, not new, must toggle VoiceOver. (old)
* Safari: loading pages, using bluetooth keyboard to go to next element, will report not found; must return to top and move to next element. (old)
* Any app/screen, when is loaded/refresh, VO focus is always in top left; should be position in content area (preferably in last spot, where one had VO focus). (old)
* Safari: multiple tabs, check tab count, clear out a few tabs, tab count will still report tab count as if it was never cleared out; must clear out Safari from app switcher for it to be updated properly. (new)
* Mail and safari: when HTML content has loaded, says "web site loaded"; should not be this verbose with hints off and sounds on. Loaded sound is more than sufficient. (old)
* Push alert auto-reads time, not message content. (old))
* US TTS set to 100% will partially cut off X and H, partial words, but still understandable and can tell what letters they are. (partial)
* UK or Australian VoiceOver at 70-100% has speech cut off with a variety of characters,unusable. (old)
bluetooth keyboard/virtual,
A. keyboard getting stuck
B. reviewing by lines/words/characters. truncates lines, reads entire paragraph then individual lines, and switching to word doesn't pick up but instead starts at top of paragraph. Same occurs for when navigating by lines and switching to words, focus is forced to top.
C. at times, can't toggle quick nab. may have to restart VoiceOver or iPhone
D. no iOS word wrapping, but it exist for iBooks.

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