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4th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

@symphily How will change happen in education?

I didn't mean to imply that Egyptian resistance to oppression is unimportant. I don't see how it applies to education in BC though - and I don't want it to.

Do you? Tell me what you think needs to happen please. What actions do you think would solve problems or are needed for change?

I don't see that change in education (and our politics, society, etc...) here in BC will come about only through non-violent resistance. That it requires all parents to withdraw their children from schools, for example.

1) would that ever happen? Parents need to work in order to have homes and food, few have the luxury to home school or even use on-line learning.
2) what would happen to those kids? would they be home with no supervision? would my 12yo be required to take care of her 9yo and 5yo brothers? How is that good for them?

what I know is that sustained change has happened in my life through determined and continuous self reflection, awareness of self, and connection to others. Violence, trying to "force" change on others (even non-violently), resistance, control, anger - none of those methods create lasting change.

Adversarial relationships (black and white, I'm right - you're wrong) only breed more fighting. Asking questions, seeking understanding, curiosity - put together with self-respect, acceptance and healthy boundaries resulted in change.

Do I know how capitalism and its effects will be "erased"? No. But I know that ultimately, societal change begins with personal change. And I believe (and experience every day) that personal change is something I can do and support every day - one person at a time, one child at a time.

When I connect with my child's teacher, form trust, speak openly, share concerns and ask how I can help - doors open and my child's education is CHANGED. Period. Regardless of what the unions or politicians are doing. Regardless of whether assessment or curriculum or legislation has changed or not.

When I work with the partner groups and PACs/parents in my District to build trust, provide information (and understanding) and strengthen communication - administrators, teachers and parents are having better conversations that support students as a result. More and more, parents are asking good questions and listening to the answers, engaging in dialogue and supporting learning.

When I build my relationship with my children, learning to create a safe, loving space for them to know themselves and build a sense of self-efficacy, allow them to make mistakes (and see them as learning opportunities, not failures), I am changing generational patterns of personal dysfunction.

And yes, I have changed the world in my own, albeit small, kinds of ways. And I'll continue because it's something I can DO to change oppression, control, abuse, societal beliefs, etc...

And I believe that as this generation of children grows, having learned to collaborate and accept each other more than any generation before them, caring about the environment and engaged in social justice from a young age - they will change our businesses and governments and families and schools even more.

More and more, our children are not satisifed with the status quo and they're simply doing things differently. Not trying to change the existing system, they're going around it - building new.

And it is in a loving, inclusive, positive way that builds people up for success - not through fire and bloodshed.

Perhaps blood must be spilled to change other areas of our society, government, etc. - I can't say that I understand those things and would best leave them to those that do.

I'm concentrating on bringing the gifts I have to the table - and doing my very best to allow the space for others to do the same.

Thanks for the conversations - I hope they'll continue!

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