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27th Nov 2010 from Twitlonger


The good thing about fangirling and stalking in Macau is that there aren't that much fans and there aren't too many ways for artists to hide. I honestly don't know where to start because so many things happened! This might not be in order because its already 4:30 in the morning but I just really want to update you guys.

GD, YB, TOP and Teddy went inside the Cotai Arena at around 10PM. There was total chaos really with fangirls screaming mostly over GD and TOP. GD had a scarf on while TOP hid his white hair!

At around 11PM, WE SAW DARA AGAIN! :) She was accompanied by one manager and one bodyguard (I think) going inside Cotai Arena. We were looking around for the other members but they weren't there. To be honest, we don't know why she went inside the venue an hour after GD, YB and TOP. We are hoping for her to be in "I Need A Girl" but then again we aren't sure. I THOUGHT I WAS LUCKY WHEN I SAW DARA THE FIRST TIME AROUND, THEN I GOT LUCKIER THE 2ND TIME AROUND, BUT I THINK THE THIRD ONE TOPPED EVERYTHING. :) We were just being lazy outside because we didn't really expect Dara to go inside because we thought that 2ne1 already finished their rehearsal. I was standing in the middle of the hallway when I saw her walking right smack towards me. I think I started muttering.. "Dara, Dara, Dara" in a really small voice and then shouted, "Hi Sandy!" My friend wasn't able to take a fancam because she though I was kidding when I was muttering Dara's name. Who would have thought she would go back inside? Dara was casually walking towards the arena but started running after when all the other fans saw her and started running towards her. But before all that happened, she smiled and waved at me... AGAIN! Be still my fangirl heart! *Insert fangirl scream here for the nth time* :) If it still isn't obvious yet, I love her so much! Too bad we weren't able to get a fancam. This was the nearest I got to her. Just like YB from our first day, Dara was just right in front of me. <3

At around 15 minutes after Dara went inside, Gummy came out!!! :) She's really pretty and tall in person. Very elegant! By this time, we were at the corner waiting and she walked right past us. We wanted to take a fancam but the bodyguards got smarter and brought flashlights with them! :( Boooo! But Gummy is really beautiful.

We also saw John Park walking around. He was nice to the other fans who wanted to take a picture with him.

So there we were just outside of the Cotai Arena listening to GD, YB and TOP rehearse. You can hear them from outside. We heard "I Need A Girl", "I'll Be There", "Turn It Up" (not too sure) and Hallelujah. We aren't so sure if G-Top practiced High High because we aren't familiar with the song. But we did hear rapping and really loud booming sounds.

A few minutes after that, all the YG dancers went out again. We saw all the familiar YG dancers for the third time. Ji Hye was there and so were the Kwon Twins. This time around we got so near one of them because one of the girls with us gave him chocolates. So he approached us and bowed! :) So nice!

We were just waiting outside for Dara, GD, YB and TOP to come out. For all the time that we stayed there, all the artists would go out that same exit. We saw 2ne1 so many times there as well as YB, GD and TOP. Then, we heard 2PM performing.

We just sat outside and waited and waited and waited for them to come out. It was already 4AM so we decided to ask the guards (who were thankfully Filipino) if they were still inside. We wanted to pull our hairs out because the guard said that they already left like an hour ago using a special elevator, FOR THE FIRST TIME. I guess it got too chaotic already to use their regular route so Dara, GD, YB and TOP went all ninja on us and used the elevator. :( *sigh*.

But all in all it was worth the wait! <3 I mean, Dara is worth all our dedication. They finished rehearsing at around 2AM I think. We waited until 4AM. :)

We were very thankful to the Filipino guards who talked to us. They know Sandara because she was a really big star in the Philippines. One of the guards even said that another Filipino guard inside the venue, upon seeing Sandara, sang "Walang Sabit" right in front of her. "Walang Sabit" is one of Sandara's songs back in the Philippines when she endorsed Rejoice shampoo. She was really nice and smiled at the guard. That's how Dara is. <3


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