I Am A Good Green Witch. I am well aware of Paganism, but I don't buy into #religions or even "charters of faith", having found that putting any form of worship into the hands of a group ALWAYS trends political. I was born baptized a Lutheran. The church proved empty, and from age 15-17 I was in a Christian cult till I broke free, telling God "I'm sorry, but you are wrong" and not sleeping for 5 weeks until I realized indeed no lightning bolt was aimed for me. Hence my miindset (which was also tortured at that time). Toxic parents. An artist from birth with the Middle C in my heart, unnurtured. Literally jailed. Parentally sabotaged. I had to become my own parent.
As a child I always felt safest, truest in the outdoors and with animals. I have always rescued animals: a bluejay baby at 7, bats, rodents..A an opossum, cats, dogs and more dogs, a shafted Standardbred race horse at 19 from the killers. At 19 I also began organic gardening.
By my early 20's, while studying chemistry in college, I realized I JUST KNEW THINGS.
I could cure sick animals, grow anything amazingly, without research, cured a tossed off "uncurable" 150K dressage horse (10 tears later) of #Navicular, and gave him a new life in dressage where he lived his life out as Schoolmaster and in competition. All while a single mother of two who never got a cent of support, or of the familial ilk. That while restoring my 1st FJ40's body, engine, transfer case and transmission - I painted it faux green serpentine marble, the roof liner a canvas of the fingertip icon, "The Birth Of Adam". All that done to a 550- dollar car. Selling vintage, making art, and landscaping for the rich saw us through. I turned down many opportunities to keep my trio of family - my children my equals - together.
I even realized I foresaw certain events. My mother's suicide attempt at 11, my brother Charlie's death at 20 (I was 24) - and more. Honing THAT knife is difficult and I am as yet still uncomfortable with it in my toolkit.
Then life gave me the gift of End of Life hospice care. Unaskedfor (yes I make words). Like the role of @PhillipSeymourHoffman in PTH's beautiful #Magnolia, I am one who can assist in that last trip, thrice requested. That leaves me more full rather than drained.
I've seen the pale blue light of human souls exit bodies, held horses as they died and saw their souls' sight enter #Valhalla.
So how does one make sense of Chaos?
The life I live, I call it My Dirt Church, and most of my artwork is totemic or spell-like. I will post some, am working on a new website. Pulled the three others down and consolidating domain names into one portal.
So I am a Good Green Witch. My anonymous small star points upright. I even ride alone in the moonlit woods where the trails phosphoresce, and I garden at night. http://tinyurl.com/2eh3wuf

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