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24th Jun 2010 from Twitlonger

From Buddhist Geeks on FB: ""Real healing can begin only when we finally learn to be present in the places where we have been absent." - John Welwood" > <

My comment:
One of the things I groked early in my Soto Zen training was that /very unlikely/ I would catch myself in the act of self-delusion / perjury, that /at best/ I might notice the traces of my self-deception. Further to that ... if I quiet mind /big-time/ I can just barely tell when I flinch from some truth. Amazing how little things can actually be hot-button!

And from Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, also on FB: "We must decide to look at ourselves and experience ourselves honestly. Some of us find ourselves in the most wretched and profoundly degrading situations. Some of us may have brilliant and good situations happening. Whatever the case may be, whether our exploration brings hope or fear, we look at ourselves. We need to... find ourselves, face ourselves, and beyond that, give up our privacy, our inhibition." -CTR (p.7)"

My comment:
Yesterday, at the reception after funeral of my oldest friend from junior high-school, met with my fellows from that period. Of the 4 who lingered, it turned out 3 were regular meditators, 5 counting me.
From various traditions we talked very lightly about our experiences. What came to mind in that context is that the practice allows us to really gt a sense of ourselves ... en-worlded, if you will. And that, to me, matters a lot: consequences are only meaningful if we have at least some sense of their causes.

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