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26th Apr 2010 from Twitlonger

@proaudience Thanks! Actually, it's frustrating 'cuz all I'm arguing against is sarcasm & simplistic fantasy theories. Imagine, things as complex as inter-religion riots & electoral results are being explained away by simplistic things like (ever-changing) skill of oratory AND fox-&-goat stories! Such know-it-all-arrogance is amusing.

I read your long tweet about Sangh's role, & how more could be done. To tell you honestly, my cynicism doesn't allow me to believe that vast number of people from any organization can work selflessly & efficiently for purely altruistic purpose without monetary rewards. I harbor this cynicism not only for Sangh family, but any large altruistic organization.

I feel this because India's society is one of deficiency & strife. There's internal struggle between staying ethical AND asserting one's identity through money & power (obtaining which is easier being unethical). More often than not, the latter wins. Ultimately, organizations are made of people. It would not be an exaggeration to state that an (altruistic) organization is only as good as its weakest link.

India's moral fabric is very weak (I haven't been to any other country, so am not comparing). By morality I largely mean truthfulness to self & then to others. How common is power worship among us? How many of us show disapproval of our relatives/family members/friends who cheat, bribe, ask bribes, embezzle money or indulge in nepotism?

One of the darkest days of my life was when one of my class mates was telling that his dad had been elected a corporator of town in MP, & that in his tenure tenders for upgrading of drainage system were to be invited. He was boasting that the entire project would be for around Rs. 300 crores, & his dad would easily siphon off 10%. My initial thought was: "if his dad is corrupt, why is he openly telling all this? Is he not afraid of losing respect among peers?" But what shocked me further was that about more than 10 people present over there actually started seeing him with envy & awe! They further cozied up to him! I'm a coward, that I did not say anything at his face, but I minimized my interaction with him. Only 1 more person was disgusted by all this. All the 10 people were not aberrant, they were representative of the pool of population we have (from which 'leaders' come). How do I expect any large organization to be composed of people any different from the one I saw then?

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