Carta Enviada al Excelentisimo Presidente de Estados Unidos de America Señor Donald Trump.

Mr. Donald J. Trump
President, United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I have the honor of addressing you to explain the delicate situation which my country, Venezuela, is going through. This situation, which affects Venezuelan citizens, is going through a Multi-factorial and Multi-dimensional Crisis. This dantesque scenery falls in a decadent and genocidal type of autocratic and totalitarian government, which drags our nation to depths never before undergone by any other country in our continent.

Until the present time, after 18 years of systematic abandonment to ideological, military and religious strains contrary to our identity as a nation and to our traditional, republican system which has trapped us between two concepts of populist nature and of class struggles which has brought us to primitive stages in all sense of the word, our people have been deceived and utilized with the mirage of social improvement amid the decent ingenuity of the citizens.

We have put into practice, insolvently, every constitutional option within the rationale of legal-politics so as to recuperate our Freedom, the Republican System and definitely advance in a transition which will drive us, without delay, to the retraining of the concept of Freedom of Citizenship, the recuperation of our Civil Rights and Sovereignty. The Cuban invasion has penetrated all aspects of our society and it seems impossible to escape this neo communist yoke by ourselves.

I cannot leave behind the geopolitical, energy, environmental, ideological and strategic aspects, which are the most forceful threat to global and regional peace. It is a fact that there is the presence of the political and military representations of Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Iran in our territory.

I subscribe, accept and support as a Venezuelan citizen all measures, dissuasive and sanctioning, that you and your government deem necessary to force the resignation of this regime in its entirety in order to preserve hemispheric peace without any terrorist influence.

As I am a retired military, I would like to request an interview with you, in order to get deeper into the details mentioned above and to put myself at your disposition to get involved in the necessary coordination of the planning and execution of operations (Peace Making or Peace Keeping) that you consider feasible and appropriate without delay.

I would like to end thanking you for your time and attention. I hope my request will be granted at your earliest convenience.


Mario Ivan Carratu Molina
Vice-Admiral (Retired 1995)
Venezuelan Navy
Phone 720 532 4745

cc: Mr. Michael R Pence
Vice President of The United States Of America

Mr. John F. Kelly
White House Chief Staff

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