Tournaments with 75% invites should not qualify for WCS points in 2015. WCS points should only be given to majority qualifier and/or open bracket tournaments. The reason for this is quite simple, invite heavy events with WCS points are major kingmakers when determining who gets to go to Blizzcon and tend to fixate on players that are popular, meaning that some players have a major advantage in the race to reach the Top 16. There will never be a perfectly fair system. More wealthy teams will be able to send players to more events so will have access to more WCS points, that's pretty much going to happen regardless of what you do unless you lock WCS points solely to the actual WCS events rather than 3rd party tournaments, however the current system is completely out of wack. Here are a couple of examples. Gfinity G3 finished up today and awarded 3,375 points. It was a 12 player tournament with 9 invites and only 3 qualifier spots, 1 from each of the 3 qualifier single elimination bracket, a brutal format which is reliant as much on luck as it is skill. Homestory Cup uses a similar system, although it's arguably even worse. There are only 2 out of 32 qualifier spots available to those living in Korea, a mere 6%. The qualifier is far more stacked and competitive than the actual tournament itself. Europe gets double the spots available and 24 of the 32 players are invites. You see the same names at these events time and again because they are the players who get invited. In such a system the rich get richer. There are plenty more tournaments that do this and frankly they can use whatever format they want but they should not be awarded WCS points for doing so since it scews the rankings so badly. Hopefully this changes in 2015.