Lets wrap this up.

Over the past 72 hours, I've seen a conversation started with speaking out against fetishizing queer bodies turn into something absolutely vile, and it needs to be addressed.

I am a gay man liker. I kiss men. Lets start there. A lot of people were in my mentions calling me straight (which... lets be fr) and that tells me you probably missed a lot. This started with me asking straight writers writing BL to not perpetuate negative and harmful relationship dynamics in their art. I am aware of the origins of BL and why certain dynamics are popular amongst women, but the quicker we can be honest about the harm of it being normalized in queer media, the better off we will be. It is never my intention to police or tell someone what they can and cannot do, but the absolute sheer amount of people trying to act like I'm not entitled to be uncomfortable with negative tropes and storylines as someone who LIVES that experience, is insane.

"Fujoshi" is a term that was introduced to me (and continually validated to me) as a woman who indulged herself heavily in gay media and gay nsfw (to the point of fetishization). I have since seen MANY takes about it having a wider array of meanings, so let me be clear. This WHOLE thing has been about non-mlm individuals operating in spaces while sexualizing and fetishizing their experience. If the shoe DOES NOT FIT, then take yourself out of them. I will, however, apologize for casting such a wide net, especially since there is history behind that term.

I've already apologized for the "burn BL tweet" but its becoming increasingly obvious I should have thrown a (/s) on there because not ONLY is the tweet its REPLYING To being lost, but also people are assuming I'm dead ass serious LMFAO. I am not a puritan. Queer stories come in all shapes and forms and there is not a "right way" to tell one, but its annoying when half of reps I hear about are oversexualized nonsense. As much as spicy stories deserve to exist, we also deserve to have safe spaces for people not interested or not READY for that content. Bc the amount of content is not comparable.

I'm just going to finish by saying the sheer amount of people attempting to defame me and spread rumors of racism and REACH OUT to friends and clients just making claims up because they didn't look or check for context is saddening. I will apologize for my lack of clarity when talking about fujoshi, but to say that I'm "racist and trying to deny the impact EA queer media has had." Is actually wild, considering me literally being so vocal in the anime community. I would never EVER seriously suggest getting rid of this country's queer rep. ONE look through my account and you will see my love for several BL like Given, SasaMiya, Blue Flag, My Love Mix Up, ETC! And it is a shame that one tweet is being blown this far out of context and coming with ALL of these other accusations.

I appreciate the ones who took the time to educate me on the history of fujoshi and how its an umbrella term that encompasses all women who indulge in BL. I have no problem with women reading BL. My whole issue, from the start has been with people who enter queer spaces and fetishize the people living those experiences.

Also, let me be clear, this is an apology NOT to the proshippers or people that endorse and promote p*d*philia, *ncest, age gap, etc. I want to make CLEAR that this apology is for queer people that were upset and confused about the word fujoshi being used. Taking my tweet to a proshipper out of context and being like "look at what he said.." when y'all don't share the filth on THOSE pages, leads me to believe, this has become a smear campaign, and not something where true understanding wins in the end.

Moving forward, before getting caught up in the public lashing of someone (especially some of my old followers who seemed to JUMP to say some outlandish stuff), it'd really be great if we could consider one's character. One look through any of my posts should have given you context, and many that went back and took the time to get a full grasp on the situation, aren't going around accusing me of HALF of the things I've seen bubbling up. It's disappointing how quickly the plot can be lost, but its twitter, so!

Anyway, have a good week.

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