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31st Jan 2023 from TwitLonger

splatoon usage/cheating allegations

First of all, I'll say that yes, the screenshots are real - however, they are not all that they seem.

I have distinctly used splatoon on two occasions, simply out of curiosity and wondering how powerful it is, both of which I deeply regret.

1: The P8S clip
This was when I initially found out about splatoon, and tested one of the features out whilst doing a parse run of p8s, as I'd heard a bit about it and wanted to see it firsthand. After clearing with it enabled once I disabled it, but I took a clip of it and shared it with a group of a couple hundred people in a server dedicated to parsing as what I thought was an innocuous joke - in hindsight, it was stupid. Screenshots of the conversation are here:

This was the first and last time that I used it until part 2.

2: The TOP screenshots
As I've said before on Reddit etc., one of my close friends was both experimenting with the functionality of splatoon, since he likes to play around with third party tools, and to get ahead on making things for his own prog. We've chatted about it before, so he knew that I was familiar with how it worked, and asked me to test a new layout that he made. A screenshot of our DMs is here:

In hindsight, obviously this was something that I shouldn't have done. However, I fucked up, and sincerely apologise. I want to be clear that I do not continually use these tools, and I wanted to be rid of them ASAP, as I honestly feel like they are a deterrent to progression ability if you are reliant on them (the same thing I said in the P8S chat logs).

Please do NOT take this shit out on anyone else in my group, I did it independently of them.

In an attempt to rectify my mistake, I'll be streaming the rest of my prog using the default launcher with no addons whatsoever in an attempt to restore your faith in me.

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