Soooo I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks and it’s been bugging me and things don’t tend to get to me but this did. A little backstory as everyone mostly knows my mom passed away in July so I haven’t been on twitch much I’ve we maybe streamed twice since but also I haven’t been in twitch chats that I used to be in on a regular basis. For example this streamers channel I have been apart of for a good amount of years I’ve followed since blackout was a thing and we played together all the time and was there when they got partnered and what not. Sadly since 2020 I have been in and out because I’ve been dealing with mental health issues and family issues which I’ve explained to this streamer privately in the past but but this go around it’s been longer of a hiatus and I’ve missed some communities and figured it was time for me to return. They were streaming on a Friday afternoon and me having the day off I took the chance to come hangout. I edited the video some to shorten it but basically it shows the whole thing. The streamers title was something along the lines of mentioning shrek so I broke the ice and said “have you ever seen shrek in Spanish?” They talked about how they haven’t for a while and I mentioned a scene they should watch which they followed up with “Curvy where the fuck you’ve been?” I was on mobile/tv so things were delayed a little but they continue to talk about other things and one of the things made me laugh. In chat I accidentally said lmao well my mom died when I meant to say Lmao! At what they were saying prior and then add well my mom died. But it came off wrong and my poor grammar became a awkward moment of them critiquing me about how to spell and properly use punctuation like I was in school. Honestly my mistake like they mentioned we don’t want it to come off as them or me laughing about my mothers passing. So I tried to correct myself and I said no I was lmao at what you said before and this time hasn’t been great it’s been horrible so on and so on. It wasn’t my intention to continue to talk about it but they simply asked a question and i answered feeling comfortable/safe telling so to a streamer/community I’ve be apart of for years. And then well in the video you can see the response I get… that was the first chat I have EVER mentioned my mother had passed away. I don’t go around and just say that in everyone’s chat nor do I go around talking about it. They asked me where I was and I answered. As a streamer I can highly understand how uncomfortable it is when someone trauma dumps or drops heavy news like that and it wasn’t my intention. I know that if it was me being told that news it would of ended differently I would of said something like “Oh no I’m so sorry for your lost I know that has to be super hard on you right now, but since I’m streaming and cannot give the proper time and attention for this conversation that’s deep how about you reach out to me privately or something and we can talk about it more.” I would of done something along the line of that instead of shitting on someone who is deeply hurt and has been following for a long time. But I guess I’m in the wrong for thinking… so I left the stream immediately after and unfollowed on everything. Granted I’ve said things in the past on their channel and shared things that were silly but also personal especially in their discord that’s why I said what I said. Those things I’ve said in the past and done I’m not fond of and would take them back in a heartbeat but trauma dumping is one thing but this is on a different level in my opinion… basically I know that I’ve overshared and stepped out of bounds, but the response wasn’t it especially for someone grieving im not a child and shouldn’t be talked down as one.

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