Hey everyone,

2023 has some big changes in store for me.
For the people that would like to have more insight on the background, reasons and my thoughts I have put together this Twitlonger.

For the first time since 2014, I won't be playing competitively in the next split as I did not receive an offer from a Team for the upcoming Spring Split. My expectations regarding roster/staff and goals did not align with the organisations interested in me.
Obviously they were too high for the deciders this time.

This means I am going to Germany to focus on streaming and content creation for now.
I've been speaking with HandOfBlood and Eintracht Spandau, so hopefully we will be able to bring you all some fun content in the near future.
I always thought about going the streamer/content creator route after my active pro career.
Lots of ex-pros become streamers but with various degrees of success; I'm eager to work hard to forge my own spot on the platforms.

The real question will be, if its going to be enough fun for me to stop being hungry to win a LCS/LEC split or if I make a return in the Summer Split or next year.
I think performance-wise, I am still a Top-Tier Midlaner who can compete with everyone.
In case I receive an offer for 2023 Summer Split or 2024, I will weigh all options seriously and decide accordingly.

My last season was difficult for a number of reasons which I do not want to discuss publicly but all of it made the last season very exhausting. Now is the best time to reload my batteries!
After playing already 4 years in a row in the US, I am happy to have the possibility to spend more time with my family and friends again.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in good times as well as in challenging times. A special thank you to my fans in the US - I always felt welcome here.

To all my fans in Germany, I´m coming home.

To be continued...

Best Regards
Tristan - PowerOfEvil - Schrage

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