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14th Nov 2022 from TwitLonger

Why I haven't been streaming lately and what Twitch is doing

This is going to take a lot so strap in or fast forward to the bottom for the TDLR/PROOF for the TikTok viewers. I have been streaming on twitch for over 4 years now and as you may know, I decided to quit Fortnite over a year ago. My channel has experienced almost nothing but a loss of viewers ever since until I found a game I was interested in called The Cycle Frontier. When Cycle Frontier was released I experienced channel growth again for the first time since I left Fortnite and it seemed like I finally found a game that suited me. (I went from around ~200-300 viewers to 800-1k on release) In mid-July Cycle had twitch drops (which reward players for watching the stream in-game items/skins as a reward) and I saw numbers I hadn't seen since peak Fortnite days and I was ecstatic (knowing these would be temporary). I was fortunate to be the #1 most viewed channel during my assigned partner-specific days and made some of the most money I've made in my life. Around 2-3 months later I noticed that my payment method wasn't working for twitch and went to change it to no avail. I made a support ticket and received no reply so I reached out to my twitch partner manager and got a reply that my account has been essentially flagged for "fraud". I just assumed that someone had donated subs or bits with a stolen credit card but apparently that is not what they meant. I waited for twitch to "investigate" the situation and received a message saying "Hi @Chap here is an update about your payments: your account was flagged for fraudulent activity which violates the Twitch Terms of Service. After a very careful review, we have decided to terminate your participation in the Ads Program (this will remove your ability to run ads and/or participate in revenue share), which will be effective immediately. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure experience for all creators and communities. However, I understand you may want to appeal this decision. To do so, please follow these steps if you haven't already" (they also took around a LARGE amount from my pending balance) Twitch refused to elaborate on what I even had done and want me to appeal something that I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE ACCUSING ME OF. This is absolutely ridiculous to do to anyone, especially someone who has streamed on your website for 4 years with ZERO issues, bans, or ANYTHING. The only thing I am able to do is to make the assumption that twitch is claiming that I view botted my channel during drops to make more money off of ads. This is an absolutely ridiculous claim to make against someone like me who willingly left the game where I easily got 1-3k viewers to play things I like with 10-30% of that viewer count. I feel betrayed I feel helpless and I am not sure what to do other than to go public with this and try to make it so this never happens to anyone ever again.

Messages from my twitch partner manager and the email I received - tweet from drops

TLDR: Twitch has taken a large amount of money and disabled ads on my twitch account for something I did not do while also not telling me what I even did.

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