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Re: Amouranth

Background (TW: DV)
I was excited to finally work for Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa and Nick Lee starting September 1st after seeing all their amazing progress with the Amouranth brand. Unfortunately it was not a productive or healthy work environment. Her comments on Monday 10/17’s stream deeply worried me, and this document will serve to disprove the defamatory remarks and provide additional context.

Events at TwitchCon

Arguments during the weekend
On Saturday and Sunday I had to take over the stream multiple times and usually without notice because of disagreements they were having. Saturday in particular I streamed all day for 8+ hours with no breaks. (Me covering for them on Saturday:

On Sunday evening she had an argument on speaker where I heard particularly disturbing things that sounded multiple alarms in my head. “Dog leverage” was a standout amongst the verbal abuse. (Clip of her telling me to mute the stream to talk on speaker:

Getting the Authorities involved
I got security involved early Monday morning 10/10/22 because Nick had deadbolted Kait out of her hotel room and said he “couldn’t hear security” as they kicked, banged, and yelled on the door multiple times. (Link to my original tweet: Once the door was unlocked, security stated they would not be able to stay with us unless the authorities were involved. I stood by in the hall as Kait packed with her room door open. When the arguing started escalating I made the decision to call the authorities to protect our safety.

Not Staying
I do regret not having been able to stay with her; I was tired, stressed, and way out of my element and trying to do what I could. It definitely wasn’t the best decision leaving her there with him but at least she was in the company of law enforcement who would be able to handle the situation better.

Actions following the 10/16 stream
The whole time the situation was going on I tried reaching out to no avail. After the stream ended I called for a wellness check and was still receiving no reply. In the afternoon and throughout the day we called for wellness checks which confirmed that she was there and okay. That whole day I was receiving dozens of concerned messages on Twitter and which prompted me to provide updates as best I could as someone close to the situation.

Comments on Amouranth’s Monday Stream

Escalating to the Authorities
On her Monday 10/17 stream Kait said she was uncomfortable with how I escalated things at TwitchCon, but hardly touches on Nick sending threatening messages ( to the both of us that night ( I feel as though Kait was trying to frame me leaving her after calling the cops as “flip-flopping”. Which turns this into an incongruent, lose-lose situation between me “not doing enough” (e.g.: leaving to catch the flight) and “doing too much” (e.g.: calling the authorities).

All the while I was just trying to keep us both safe from this person’s erratic behavior. She also said she had plans “to quietly deal with this at home” which is troubling as Kait demonstrated on her Sunday 10/16 stream that he has broken her door down in a fit of rage recently. (Door clip:

Clout Chasing Accusation
Kait said on stream Monday 10/17 that I called the cops for clout because she was staying in the streamer hotel. Which is a strange accusation considering they had been arguing in their room all weekend and during the incident with the authorities had been arguing with the door open. Also to say that I called the authorities to cause a scene is very disingenuous: I was put in a situation fearing for her and my own safety.

My actions throughout this incident have been in no way motivated by “clout”. I also have 7 separate instances clipped from her TwitchCon streams ( where I explicitly say I don’t want to share my social media. (Her channel, by the way, was the most watched stream during the weekend:

Tweeting Updates
My tweets after her very intense stream early Sunday morning were meant to update the vast amount of people concerned about her. Kait mentions on her Monday 10/17 stream that I “badgered” staff for information. I am sorry to them if it did come across as that; I believed the situation was serious enough to call for more action.

Doxxing Allegation
Kait also very confidently claimed that I “encouraged people to show up to her door.” This is not true at all. I never gave out their address to anyone (, and even sought out professional legal advice on how to tell people that I would NOT be sharing her address. ( I’m not sure where she received this information to make such a bold, false claim. It makes me worried that her husband Nick Lee may be misinforming her to push people trying to help away.

My relationship with Kait
Kait said on her Monday 10/17 stream that I “knew of the situation for a long time”, but I wasn’t privy to everything going on in her personal life on a daily basis. I definitely didn’t have full information on the abuse to make actions against it.

But make no mistake: I had only been working for her for 2 months before calling the authorities. I definitely did not stand for it when it was right in my face.

Moving Forward
Many DV victims have come forward and pointed out that it takes victims multiple times before finally leaving an abusive relationship. ( Kait very publicly explained how abusive her situation was for years so I’m worried that her husband Nick Lee may still be involved in some capacity.

I hope this whole document isn’t further triggering for Kaitlyn. Let me be very clear, I support Kaitlyn and wish her nothing but the best. If she called me tomorrow, in 3 months, or in 5 years saying she needed help I would be there for her.

But I cannot support Nick Lee and any part he has to play with the Amouranth brand. She very briefly mentioned that they are separating and seeking help and I genuinely hope it is true and that he’s out of her life for good.

Marcial “Marz” Pimentel

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