Benched from Heroic R6 :

As of today I have been Oficially benched from the Heroic roster due to recent performances. After a bad stage from myself the team has decided they do not want me on the main roster and therefore i will be looking for a new home. I feel that I am in a place at the moment where I want something new and challenging to work on and think that I can provide myself as a solid player individually and for a team.

It wasnt long ago that I was rated one of the highest in europe as an entry and I feel I have not lost the ability to be back up there, With me as a person I naturally have alot of energy so this helps me keep myself motivated but I noticed the last couple months alot of the energy had gone. After I was told about the benching I took a couple weeks to chill out, visit family and enjoy my time off doing things outside of sitting on the PC for countless hours a day. This offtime has genuinely helped me alot and now I feel ready for my next challenge and am incredibly motivated to start playing again.

I want to thank heroic for everything they have done for us since we left cowana, it was a completely differernt world of support. Also to Murat you have been a great coach and an amazing person to work with, I knew from the day I got you in it would be worth

Role wise im an entry at heart but as of recent I had been playing second entry/ flex anyway so im open to most on attack. As for defense I want the role to somewhat mirror my attack role, I feel my strong suits are playing the death spots & being a co-roamer with someone. However I am comfortable with every position on defence

I am more than willing to relocate if necessary I do not mind moving if it means I can continue my passion

As for contact about potentially trialing myself please contact

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