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The Truth

Hello, everybody.

Unlike the tweet longer that takes many of the screenshots out of context and precisely hides the other messages present there, while cruelly targetting me, points at the absolute lack of transparency behind it. I will write the whole thing and the story about it unlike them, and I will try to be utterly honest about everything that happened, defend myself, as well as prove how manipulative they were and perhaps still are. Frankly speaking, it is beyond sad to see a group of friends (ex-friends now, I guess) I loved, enjoyed the company of and constantly helped, doing this to me, with no warnings, despite their words claiming that there were some. More about it later, therefore let’s start it off from the very beginning.

The first few key characters:

Sina - The girl who was 17 that I allegedly flirted with while I was 21 and went after her after she had got in a happy relationship.

Yuri - The girl who publicized the tweet longer, accused me of a fair share of offences, but doesn't seem to recognize the fact she sexually harassed me during my time in the server, brushes it off as a joke and a way to defend myself.

X - lately, according to Sina, threatens that he will kill himself and recently threatened to kill her both and Kingslayer because of their happy relationship, all according to Sina.

M - A friend of mine and Sina's boyfriend before Leon/Kingslayer

Now that we are done with the first part, let’s move further onto the entirety of the story.

It all started out with the server called “Poro Squad”, to which I was randomly invited by Sina in early 2021, she and Pien were clear allies of mine at that moment. I was more than willing to come to their aid as they liked me and would brighten my day by allowing me to engage in conversations with brand-new people, discover new personalities.

In that server, there were M, X, Pien and Sina. From day one, they opted for online relationships and would spend a lot of time together. This is considered my very first interaction with them, it all kept going and we even had days where we would watch LEC altogether, we would resort to drinking, it was all fun and games whatsoever. Sina and I got close. She told me about her past and I tried to be there to emotionally support her from the beginning, especially in the later stages of our friendship, when X decided to force Pien into a relationship, according to her. He threatened he would commit suicide otherwise. I am not sure about this part, but it was something similar to this, if I am not mistaken. It happened quite a while ago, so I might be mixing it up, but I am 100% sure he did threaten to kill himself. Whenever those incidents occurred, Sina would reach out to me, either through voice chat or text. I would assure her everything would turn out to be just fine. I have never said anything serious about her because I knew she was underage and it was clear from the start. I know that this is my career, how I make a living and I wouldn't play this kind of a dangerous game just to approach a Discord girl.

So let's continue further. After Sina had broken up with M, the server fell apart, again I was her aid during the rough time following the parting. I was taking my time to hear her out and be there for her in general, I was supportive of her until the end, even when she openly lied to me and "tried" to save my career by sending all of this to XL HR before. I thought everybody is allowed to make mistakes and I did not hold a personal grudge against her of any sort. But let's skip this part for now.

After all there was a new server created, the server where these messages took place, called Crimson Crusaders, made by Crimson, a friend of mine at that time. Its purpose was mainly to establish a group of friends who would openly talk to each other and enjoy their company. It was surely fun and we all had a fantastic time. Keep in mind, when you are in the circle you trust and people you love, you relax, it is the human nature, you are slowly more and more out of touch with your official self, this isn't an excuse for some of these messages, but I truly felt free to say whatever I had in the back of my mind with them, because it would be covered as a joke. The same goes with them. One of the examples is Yuri constantly saying she would peg a lot of men, especially esports players such as Wunder, but no one took it as anything in bad taste, we all laughed it off, just like they did with my statements and said nothing about it, even if they say they warned me. If you consider some of these jokes funny and then proceed to punish me for them, at least let me know right after typing them in order to clean it up and apologize to the offended people there.

Either way, time passed. Those were my friends, whose company I enjoyed, if it is required to clarify this part. Somewhere at the start of 2022 or at the end of 2021, I left the server considering many of our friends who used to be decently active left, namely Kingslayer, Demons, and a few more. People who I liked a lot.

Fast forward, we are moving to the allegations. In their tweet, they say that they had warned me to stop, become a better person, and change. That is false, ever since I had left I had a good connection with them, both Yuri and Sina, they were still my good friends and I was happy to come to their aid, whenever needed. Mainly to advise Yuri with her recent jobs at Complexity, considering the fact that at that time her previous contract got terminated.
Regarding Sina, 15 days before the report to XL, she had straight up asked me for help in terms of finding a job as a journalist in the esports scene, which I instantly forwarded to my friend Adel from Axel Springer/Jaxon and gathered all the requirements needed to finally start an internship in esports. 15 days after that event, she sent the first mail to XL HR and tried to mask it as trying to protect me and saving my career.
Dear Sina, is it not immoral of you to seek a job on the back of somebody who you guys are trying to paint in the worst light possible? 15 days before sending a report to the organisation that employs me? 15 days? What happened?

Our last conversation before it all took place:

15 days after these messages, with no warnings (repeating this in particular, because they claimed they had informed me and had asked me to change, false, no requests or anything like this had taken place before the first e-mail that was sent to XL HR), I get invited to the XL HR meeting where they tell me that the emails have recently arrived, disclosing things about me, the ones listed in the twitlonger. I was told that they would investigate it further, e-mails kept coming.

I have to say I was advised by HR not to poke around it and not to seek revenge on these people, but at that moment I couldn't compose myself to follow their instructions while they were conducting an investigation. I knew it could end up like this, I didn't hesitate and I reached out to Sina as soon as possible, asking her for as much honesty as needed.

I thought there might be someone who hates me, mayhaps somebody who had been in our discord server and decided to put the end to my career. I took a decision. I needed to return to the server and find out who is the one trying to send allegations to my bosses behind my back.

After this, she says that she had collected all these images, from the anonymous Twitter account that had PM'd it to her and she sent it to Tim (XL COO) (WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW BEFOREHAND, you don’t need to lie about this, guys) to apparently protect me and allow EXCEL to solve it internally, save my career and avoid any possible twitlonger, like this one. Little did I know, it was pure manipulation from her side and trying to hide her name from the case.

She told me that people had got mad because I apparently "had stolen" Kingslayer's Pausetality meme. I sorted it out with Kingslayer privately. I still stand by the statement that my meme at the XL account was simply inspired by it, and is nowhere close to his, let alone a direct 1:1 copy.

She carries on by stating that she had collected everything that could end my career and sent it to Tim for the sole purpose of saving me, all to avoid any unnecessary drama.

She kept going with the act saying that Tim would understand the whole situation and would never fire me, insisting that she had done the right thing.
^ More of the so-called "protection"

She also explained it was done in the heat of the moment, mainly because of the threats her old "friend" was constantly sending to her.

She went through and told me more about Connor, again to repeat I – had always been supportive of her, and even after the meeting, where I could've easily lost my job, I was there to back her up and advise her to protect her own relationship.
She refused to give me the evidence and the screenshots, telling me to ask Tim about those, because she had deleted them from her PC and that random Twitter account that had hit her up with those was already deleted, all according to her.

I had got on the server. I clarified I was looking for the "snake" that was trying to ruin it all. All my ex-friends got angry with this, understandably so, because it was sort of rude of me to directly accuse their group of betraying me, but I reacted in the heat of the moment, which I am sorry for.

Now, let's talk about the twitlonger. She puts forward a thesis that there are multiple underage girls I flirted with, while in reality, I haven't flirted with any of them. I did use to joke around with Sina, she would always laugh at all these statements, those were jokes inside of the group of friends. She NEVER reached out to me and NEVER told me she was any uncomfortable with the way I would type. She took the place of my emotional support line on every occasion when I needed to vent somewhere. She would gladly help me and listen to all the problems I would come up with. There were no explicit words, nor any love interest to the slightest extent. There were jokes, but that’s about it. I knew she was underage. I wouldn't even do such a thing as grooming. She became one of my best friends, allowed me to grasp how to improve my relationships with OTHER girls and I was more than happy to provide her with my emotional assistance, whenever she would get those threats from a bunch of insane guys, or after her breakup with M.

I blurred out the parts with personal/confidential information regarding her mental state.

Our discussions would be long, where we would comfort and help each other, again - all friendship, nothing sexual.

Here she talked about her ex and told me what she thinks about me.

I am someone who cannot truly understand sarcasm and it's tough for me to detect it or be sarcastic myself at times, I had taken several of their jokes in too serious of a manner, which had led to me departing from the server. She apologized and asked me to return.
^ Even more proof that she felt safe to open up about her issues in DMs with me, some parts are hidden. I don't want to harm her, because I believe she might have been manipulated into doing all of this by someone, this is not the Sina I had known before and I will still have faith in her.

There is a lot more confidential information regarding her life in my DM's, I won't share these, because of the fact it could be damaging to her mental state. I appreciate every time she was there to talk with me about basically everything. These can and will be shared with XL's HRs for the investigation, to clarify it. As she likes to say, I will not throw her under the bus.

Like I said, I still hold a decent degree of respect for her, even though I am currently speechless because of what she committed.

Another example, her reaching out to me the moment I got fired from NIP.

I will end this underage grooming allegation with this statement - I have never sexually said anything to Sina herself. Yes, it’s true we discussed such matters privately, but she would give me relationship advice and tips on how to find the right one. It was always about OTHER girls, there was not a single instance of me pushing myself onto her for the simple reason of her being underage. We were friends, even good ones, I would dare to say.

There are more incidents that I disagree with, there is no proof, only words and I know I am not a pedophile. I know the law. I and Sina were never anything but great mates who were there to emotionally support each other.

I will also add screenshots where I reacted with hearts to her and Kingslayer's photos from their vacation and where I said I am extremely happy for them. I guess I must be so jealous, guys!

A voice message I sent about how proud of Kingslayer and how happy I am for them as a couple

I will end those allegations right here. I deny all of the further ones that were typed with 0 proof or evidence, I would never do such a thing because I know it's horrible. Let's move onto Yuri now.

She accused me of racism (she's from Japan) and making advances on her even if she was in a mutual relationship.

I and Yuri were unhinged. We talked about so much fucked up matters in our PMs, from esports secrets to sexual topics and so on, I must note that Yuri is of my age.

That being said, when it comes to the "Dominating her as the USA did to Japan" statement, it was an atrocious sexual joke made by me with her in the DMs. Yuri, in her twitlonger, said it was racist. However, directly after I had typed it, she seemed to be fine with it and even laughed. Just like I laughed at her jokes that she would peg Wunder and other LoL pros. That was us and between us, nothing more, nothing less. It's beyond disgusting that she is using our freedom of speech in the DMs to talk to each other about everything in any possible way to accuse me of racism, which at that moment was never my intention and I am convinced she knows about it. She also said I made sexual advances on her even if she was taken, completely disregarding the fact that she made those on her own, and openly stated she would peg me or eat my ass at LoL events. Again, I just laughed it off and she did as well. I do not know what happened to them and why they came up with this just to try and ruin my career after many months. If my message offended you, let me know. That could be a better way of trying to “reform me” than bringing it up after a year. Why did you not tell me I was racist back then if it truly did not sit right with you? We were good friends and you could be sure that I would respect your boundaries, most likely apologize and stop moving that way.
^ All the screenshots of her telling me she would peg me. Beforehand, I had stated I am straight and I would never go for it. Again, I accepted it all as a joke, because, as I have said here, we would fool around with each other and I never expected her to make use of our relationship of this kind as a trampoline to try and destroy everything I have built over the past 2 years.
^ She also came up with fucked up things about her ex-org, Fnatic, after they had terminated her contract. I don't hold grudges, but considering that she is the one that initiated all of this and is openly trying to ruin everything I built with false allegations, then I can also post her wishing death on Sam Matthews, Fnatic’s CEO. Why not?

Another disgusting matter is that she added private DMs to her to the pedophilia part of the twitlonger when it was clear to her personally that I never meant this. Again, she is hiding the truth and refusing to say that one of her fetishes was edging men but yeah that's not the topic? But shows how important context is before making a judgment. There is more.

“dibs on Sina when she’s of age” – “when she’s of age” – I literally state here that I am not a pedophile, even if this is a joke, I directly say that I would wait for her to turn 18.
The second screenshot – I had no idea that person was underage. Why did you hide the 3rd message from the top? Not sure what I typed there, but pretty sure it might have been an apology or a solemn promise not to repeat it in the future. Please show us.

The screenshots from her I am referring to:

I will pass up on this part right here, she accused me of the sexual advances on her, knowing she was in a relationship, but she did the same to me, and continued teasing me that she would peg me even if I made it clear I am straight and I am not really into this. It is not okay to do such a thing and keep making yourself out to be the victim, especially after I had let it be known that it’s not too much of my kink. Either way, my responses were the ones to sexual advances of her own, what I said was awful in the historic context. I am genuinely sorry. Once more, our talks were always fucked up, we were wholeheartedly open to each other, she was something like Sina but way more free and crazier.
To sum it up, the Japan part was a terrible line to put forward, which I acknowledge and for which I apologize to the Japanese users. However, she never told me it did not feel right for her. This situation took place last year, I do not even remember the exact time/month/period of it. I was never informed about the fact that it hurt her. Instead, she chose to bring it up after a year.
Yuri, just a piece of advice: the main part of setting boundaries in a conversation is telling the other person where they lay.

I will say this out loud and I am underlining the fact that I AM NOT an adherer of Adolf Hitler or any of the politicians who had their impact on the creation of Nazi Germany and the atrocities committed by them. I never, never ever stated that Hitler was ultimately a positive personality, neither for Germany nor for the whole world. There is a common myth about Adolf Hitler’s economical prowess that I also fell a victim to. I was not informed well enough about the fact. After educating myself, now I know that real wages in Germany dropped by around 25% between 1933 and 1938, while Hitler wasn’t even paying that much attention to the economic side of politics. I apologize for all the factually untrue statements and claims made there. I have put in the effort to broaden my mind about it and I will undoubtedly not repeat such dodgy historical “facts” again. I must admit that I was clueless about the topic and should have never taken a stance on it. Not a single one of my messages defended Adolf Hitler. There were based on a myth, but I never took the effort of trying to clean up Hitler’s image.
“He has gone on record multiple times to say that Hitler's crimes should be ignored because of how much he did for Germany.” Could somebody show me where I said that Hitler’s crimes should be ignored? Perhaps I’m blind… Please, stick to the pure facts.

The discussion in that server was carried out with a fellow history student, Hanna.

I never supported the war crimes Hitler committed.

Now I know I was a complete fucking idiot for trusting conspiracy theories and I regret it to the fullest. It was my bad judgement and all I wanted to do was to have the discussion and hear others’ opinions about the matter, nothing else. Again, there are my comments about Hitler improving and raising Germany from nothing after the WW1 and talking about how impressive Luftwaffe was. The first part, as I have put it above, was the exact outcome caused by me falling for myths. The second part is simply the truth. Luftwaffe’s run WAS impressive. I had read it somewhere, before the talk with Hanna, that Luftwaffe hadn’t lost a battle until they faced RAF. This is a historical fact. It cannot be denied. Luftwaffe was a force to be reckoned with. Acknowledging it does NOT mean I supported Adolf Hitler or the Luftwaffe itself.

I loved history from the very beginning, that is where my interest in exploring conspiracy theories came from. When you dig deep, you find dark stuff. Things I said were influenced by the Youtube documentary I watched when a friend had recommended it back then to me in 2016, “Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told (Part 1 s.d 4) (2013)”. Little did I know, at that time I was getting brainwashed by neo-nazi propaganda. What the documentary suggested is that Hitler introduced a bunch of changes to Germany, apparently he was the first one who started putting effort into securing public toilets for the company employees, was the founder of Volkswagen, Hugo Boss was providing outfits for his army, and Porsche was making engines for his tanks. The list goes on. The documentary glorified him as this perfect person that did so much for the German economy, I never believed in anything else in the documentary except the economics side and now I feel ashamed for trusting it and getting guided into these dark parts of the internet, I should have been more careful. I am truly sorry if my statements about the history discussions hurt someone, my intention with Hanna in the server was to present different views and see what their stance on the topic was. I hope you will understand, I am sorry for this one and the overall lack of knowledge. I have allowed propaganda documentaries to misguide me and trick me into thinking wrongfully.

So many Serbs were slaughtered in WW2 and for every German 100 Serbs were in front of the firing squad, executed. It was beyond awful and I will never support such crimes against humanity. Trying to convince people that I excused Hitler in any way is a shameless attempt to misinterpret my words and put them into my mouth.

Misgendering accusations - I apologized for it on the discord because I hadn’t known, after that I fixed my mistake and these screenshots show it, I don't know why this event is even part of the thread. I interact with a lot of people and get to know a ton of them. I simply forgot. The situations on these screenshots took place at 2 different times. I never repeatedly misgendered that person after I was reminded of the pronouns I was supposed to use. This was a matter of me forgetting, which I am sorry for.

Meme stealing accusations - false, I never stole any and everything that is posted on my workplace pages is done by me, myself and I. I may have take inspiration for a few of these from my friends, but I never plain stole anything. I never did any stealing and I never will. I respect the creativity of the people and the hustle they put in.

More pedophilia accusations – there is no proof provided, therefore I am not even going to respond to this shameless part. I am not someone who would ask a minor those questions or flirt with them. It is not backed up by believable evidence.
“Anonymous - 15 year old boy whose sexuality Fosty commented on despite his age and made sexual comments around and to”. Where is there even any proof of it? I do not recall such an event taking place, perhaps because it did not occur. When you put forward an accusation, you usually want to have something to make it trustable. Not even going to waste my and your time on this one.

Racism - there is an image which shows that I said a lot of homophobic and racist stuff, which is made up. I have already dealt with this fabricated picture when I joined XL and it is back again. I will refrain from debunking it as it is already resolved.

For the context: it is this one
You are not achieving much by publishing a photoshopped image that was already exposed as untrue in the past.
Regarding the latest tweet: if we participated in this conversation equally, why is it only me who committed some wrongdoings?

All in all, I would like to state that their twitlonger contains a lot of words, but not much proof. They lie by saying that they had tried resolving this with me before sending emails to XL HR or creating the twitlonger, because it is false. As shown above, 15 days before the 1st mail was sent, Sina had asked me to help her find a job, 1 month or so before it I had had normal discussions with Yuri about her employment to TOR / Complexity.
During the period of these 6 months they NEVER reached out to me and tried to fix this, NOT A SINGLE TIME. I cut the communication with them after the first mail had been sent to XL HR following the advice of the people who have been in the esports industry for longer than I did and my friends. If they made ANY effort to fix this, it would have been resolved. However, it is clear that they are carrying a personal vendetta against me for a reason that remains unknown to my person.

From day one I was friendly to all of them, I did joke here and there but I was always helpful towards my friends. I tried to help Sina find a job in Axel Springer, I got Crimson a post at Resolve, I had recommended Yuri for TSM Japan socials to Mr. Dunc and she went to have an interview there. I never stopped supporting them, and to be rewarded in such a way is vile, especially without any warnings, opposed to what they claim.

I won't leave a TL;DR as all of this is rather complex, but here is my response to these disgusting allegations that came very close to ending my career. If there are any more, I am happy to respond to them, but this time with actual proof, not just pure words that are not backed up by anything besides manipulations and misinterpretations.

I am sorry to all my followers that had to read this. This hurts my career, but I hope it will be resolved soon and that people in the community will find a minute to read this post and understand my current position. The people who are trying to cancel me at the moment had been my close friends in the past. I helped them with their career path and private life concerns. As I have said previously, I had been made contact with by them 15 days before the incident, just to be used as a trampoline to a job and then be blatantly lied about.

I won't go on for much longer, to those who gave me the benefit of the doubt – thank you, I hope this will soon be cleared, and for those who refuse to read my part of the story - that is also fine too. Sometimes the hard times show you whose friendship is true.

Sorry, and I will make sure to clear my name soon, of course - using the legal way.
I send my sincere apologies to every person who feels offended by my actions and I promise not to repeat those again in any environment.

Thanks for taking the time to get through all of this. I will make sure that the ones who are responsible for this will bear a heavy cost for their hypocrisy and insolence.
Besides the main ringleaders, some of the people who have called me a pedophile might also expect legal actions to be taken. I will not let you go freely, without facing the consequences for your behaviour. I believe that several court cases are just what is needed to sort it all out.

For the ones that still believe in me and will continue to support me - I am here for you, every day, and I will continue making you smile through the memes and everything I do daily. The justice will eventually prevail. Sad it had to end the legal way, but I wasn't given any other solution.

This is not the end, this is just the start of a Fosty that learned a valuable lesson for the rest of my life. A lesson not to trust snakes.

See you at the new beginning.

Best regards, Fosty

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