The Problem with Fosty: Harassment, Unprofessionalism, Inappropriate Behaviour

I want to preface this by saying I will be keeping all victims who wish to remain anonymous, anonymous as to respect their wishes. I will also be posting screenshot evidence in the replies of the tweet. Everything in this twitlonger is ALLEGED, to avoid any legal trouble. TLDR at the bottom before victim testimonies.

Now, I've known Fosty for over a year now, as he was on a server I joined before I got a job at FNATIC. He's always given an off vibe, but because English is not my first language, I didn't pick up on it quickly enough. I will now be correcting that mistake by explaining every despicable thing I have ever seen Fosty do.

First off, Fosty is well known in our closed community to flirt with underage girls (under 18). The youngest that I have known of was 16 years old at the time of him trying to flirt with her. As he is 23 (21-22 at the time), that's absolutely disgusting and just plain weird. This man had the nerve to ADMIT that he flirted with a 17 year old TO MY FACE up until he was 22 years of age. It's plain and simple, he clearly shows interest in girls way younger than himself and he shows no shame about it, as shown in the evidence. He has also personally made myself very comfortable with sexual advances, although I was 19-20 when he made advances on me. But I was in a relationship at the time and I was open about it, and he chose not to respect that. Screenshots will be provided in the replies.

Next, Fosty has shown that he can be quite racist. There have been past incidents of him of him making fun of darker skin tones but as I have no screenshots of that right now, I will go into the stuff he has personally said to me. For context, I am Japanese, born and raised in Japanese household. Fosty, in a sexual context, said that he would "perform what the USA did to Japan" on me (alluding to the atomic bombings). I'm not exactly sensitive but like that's an event that was very much deeply rooted in my country's history and it was also not consented to which is a whole different can of worms I won't get into. He also said he would "dominate me harder than Japan got in 1945" in the same conversation which just...I have no words to be honest. Screenshots provided in replies.

Moving along, Fosty has a very weird obsession with Adolf Hitler. More than that, defending Hitler. He has gone on record multiple times to say that Hitler's crimes should be ignored because of how much he did for Germany. Now, I am not German myself obviously but he said this in a Discord server with, and in the DMs of, German people who told him multiple times that he needs to stop but he never did. Different examples provided in replies.

Now, the last part will be about Fosty's current org, EXCEL. We reached out to EXCEL about a month ago trying to settle this entire ordeal behind the scenes rather than make a big deal about it in public. We wanted to give them a chance, provided evidence, and just asked for some action to be taken. We were strung along for a long time, with false promises of action. We were also informed that there was an attempt of removal, only for a higher-up in EXCEL to defend Fosty from being fired. EXCEL decided that keeping a literal pedophile on staff because of his following was more important than doing the right thing. In Fosty's own words, "I got spared by my boss". This was said in a conversation to me, in backlash to us going to EXCEL directly. After a (different) boss of Fosty's talked with him, Fosty himself came AFTER US in anger at us trying to get justice for his own actions. He yelled at us, showed zero remorse for his actions, and tried to victim blame. If he had done nothing wrong, why was he so defensive? EXCEL, I and every other person wronged by Fosty are extremely disappointed in you. We gave you a chance to solve all this, we wanted to cause no problems. We just wanted to rid your community of a predator, and you did nothing about it. You left us with no choice. We wish no harm upon your company, but you chose to do the wrong thing. As shown in the screenshots, I was never given a time for the meeting, and I was responded to 11 days after I tried initial contact. And Fosty admits he was saved by EXCEL higher ups.

I just want justice for all his victims, and I want people to understand that just because someone has a platform, they should not be excused to absolutely awful things to other people. Fosty, you've shown zero remorse for any awful thing you've ever done, despite claiming that you're "trying to change", you never show it. Actions speak louder than words, and yours have shown that you do not deserve a platform or a place in this community. I truly hope you genuinely reflect on why it had to come to this and become a better person in the future, I really do.

TLDR: Fosty likes underage girls, shows no remorse about it, is openly racist and mocks historical events. When we went to EXCEL, they chose to defend him.

Now, here are some testimonies, either from victims of Fosty's creeping, or other awful things he did:

Anonymous - 15 year old boy whose sexuality Fosty commented on despite his age and made sexual comments around and to

Anonymous, trans man who Fosty frequently misgendered - I've been a part of the LEC and esports twitter and fans for over a year now, but i think i first met Fosty through my friend's discord. He seemed like an alright guy at first, with a big platform which was a bit intimidating, but we were all very casual in the discord. Nothing seemed weird up to the point where Fosty started making inappropriate comments toward (a friend of mine) when she was under the age of 18 and one other of our friends that's also underage. I remember I was shocked and disgusted at his behaviour and it was immediately pointed out to him, that these type of comments are unacceptable. He said he understood that, but after a while he was making the same disgusting comments now also towards my friend that was at the time in a relationship, even though she told him to stop. By that time I've realised Fosty was only paying attention to himself, he easily disregarded people's words and their feelings. It became even more apparent when he kept misgendering me, even though me and my friends have corrected him each time (I'm a trans man and Fosty knew about that but he kept reffing to me with she/her pronouns and asking "wait, so you're not a girl?" which was very hurtful and stressful). I do not remember receiving a proper apology from him after this.
I will be honest and say that it is not my intention to weigh a holy war against Fosty, I'm not a hateful person. I do however strongly believe in justice and people being held accountable for their actions. I also believe that someone making pedophilic and inappropriate comments towards others and not even realising that by that they're doing something wrong (after being told so multiple times) shouldn't have a platform and a place in our community. Thank you.

Anonymous - Fosty is really not fitting to have any following. He consistently steals memes from people that used to see him as a friend, and also from random reddit posts. As a professional, meme theft is really not done. When I called it out on a public discord, he exploded at me, insulting me and throwing a full on temper tantrum. He called me several names and hasn't apologized to this day while I know I was in the right. He fakes being kind to get people on his side only to backstab them and steal their content. That he is admired by many while being so two-faced is concerning. Such people should not have a following.

Additional Anonymous statement -

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