Jack Chen · @KBBQDotA

2nd Aug 2022 from TwitLonger

Sponsored Again!

Our long search for organizational support this season has come to an end. I'm proud to announce that Quincy Crew will be playing as the Soniqs for the Arlington Major - and through at least the conclusion of this year's International!

The core of our Dota roster has played together under several different banners over the years. It is always a challenge to balance the needs of players, sponsors, and organizations in our rapidly shifting esports scene, especially in a world upended by COVID. Over the past few years, we've had many advanced conversations with organizations big and small, in some cases coming agonizingly close to an agreement. In the Soniqs we've finally found the right blend of people, values, and conditions that fit for all of us. With their support, we've just wrapped up a solid bootcamp in Philadelphia (our first time together all season) and are excited to represent North America in Arlington.

Quincy Crew has been more than just a Dota team. We've been tremendously blessed with the dedication, creativity, and spirit of a wonderfully talented group of people helping out in every which way behind the scenes. From the guidance, planning and execution of overall strategy and social media from Jake, Bryn, Pandacat and Sandra, to the graphics, bundle designs, videos and website from the imaginations of Gabriel, Leon, and Daniel, Slappybag and Pepito, to Weibo and org outreach from David and Rushi on Discord, we've been fortunate to have really driven and capable people help build a presence and footprint well beyond what we could have initially hoped for.

Quincy Crew's channels will continue to share some throwbacks and other content, but you can now follow the team over at @Soniqsesports as we continue our journey through the season!

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