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28th Jul 2022 from TwitLonger

Statement regarding recent Contenders issue

During the match between 01_Esports and Munich Esports, we (ExO) were busy trying to time our warmups according to the match that was ongoing.

This included needing confirmation, so I double-checked the GameBattles rules section and saw that the Upper Finals are listed as a 'First to 4'.

I went ahead and asked whether the match between 01 and Munch was a 'First to 3' or a 'First to 4' in our respective Discord channel, which resulted in no reply.

Our coach saw this and messaged the tournament admin for todays matches personally to ask the same question. He gets told the match between 01 and Munich is a 'First to 3'

Shortly after he received another DM from the same tournament admin saying he was misinformed and it was actually supposed to be a 'First to 4'

Munich Esports themselves reached out to Blizzard staff (The day before the match) to ask for confirmation and they too were told their match vs 01 Esports is a 'First to 4'

For further context; Munich was up 3-0 in the match, followed by two wins by 01 Esports
Blizzard decided to halt the match after TWO whole matches (at this point the score is 3-2)
and tell both teams that the match was supposed to be a 'First to 3'.
Blizzards decision ended up giving Munich Esports a 3-0 win.

All teams and players ended up hearing about this and started overflooding the Discord with questions, concerns and complaints. Blizzard staff set up a voice channel for us to vocally express ourselves for what felt like 15-30min, just for Blizzard staff to finish the conversation by deciding the match will remain a 3-0 win for Munich.

I personally disagree with this on so many levels, simply because there are rules like 'Man-Down' where a map can continue if a player disconnects mid-map and doesn't reconnect.
With rules like that in play, a series should continue as a 'First to 4' if additional maps have been played already.

Another personal note; I really think this could've been resolved on so many occasions if staff just bothered to reply (even if they don't know the answer, just let us know you don't!)
This has also been addressed in the official Contenders Discord Feedback text channel, just for it to be disregarded.

This whole tournament we've been receiving information on an almost last-minute basis.
Even small things like wanting to confirm what time our match starts the next day (e.g. due to there being conflicting start times on certain channels/documents)

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