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24th Jul 2022 from TwitLonger

Statement about Fortnite X The Last of Us

Yesterday, I tweeted about an upcoming Fortnite collaboration that would bring popular characters from The Last of Us franchise to Fortnite. As some of you may have seen, Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, responded to my tweet and confirmed that a collaboration is currently NOT in the works. I'd like to share some insights into my version of this story.

First things first: I have NEVER and will never intentionally share fake leaks, and I didn't do it intentionally this time either. Of course, this is not an excuse, but I want to say this to make it clear that there is no malicious intent behind any of my tweets. When I tweet something like this, I myself am always convinced that I am only sharing information that can be helpful to the community. This time, I was heavily mistaken. Now, here is my side of the story:

Just 2-3 days ago I first heard from a fellow Fortnite dataminer about a The Last of Us collaboration that *could* be coming to the game in September. After hearing this, I reached out to a source who has perfect(!) accuracy when it comes to insider leaks. After asking my source about this collaboration, they responded as follows, "I heard about The Last of Us as a possible collaboration months ago".

If you read it correctly, you will find that my source only said it was a POTENTIAL collaboration, they never confirmed it, but they told me it was in the room for at least a while.

At this point, I haven't tweeted anything about the collaboration yet because my dataminer friend I spoke with wanted to wait until his source revealed this information himself on their own podcast, which I also mentioned in my tweet yesterday. I respected this and decided to wait as well until his source reveals this collaboration in their podcast.

Now we have two completely different parties who both told me about this collaboration, which already seemed like too much of a coincidence to be just a false rumor. And on top of that, a THIRD Fortnite dataminer and friend contacted me yesterday and also told me that he heard about this collaboration. At that point, I was absolutely convinced that it could no longer be a false rumor. The fact that I think that in such a situation is undoubtedly my own fault. At this point, many people were talking about it to me, but I still had no *real* confirmation, but all this happening at once was enough for me to believe the rumor.

After the source of one of my dataminer friends mentioned this rumor on their podcast, my friend and I decided to tweet about this collaboration because at this point we no longer believed it is just a rumor.

All this information at once caught me off-guard and was the reason I tweeted about this collaboration in the way I did, rather than in a more "protective" way by labeling it a rumor.

From my point of view, these are the reasons why things have happened the way they happened.

Once again, I deeply apologize to all those whom I have given false hope with this. It was not my intention, and in the future, I will not make this mistake, I promise.



TL;DR: I was overconfident, too many people talked to me about a possible collaboration within just a few days. This led me to believe that this collaboration was as good as confirmed, when in fact it obviously was not. I should have marked my post as a rumor. I will make sure that something like this *never* happens again in the future, and I hope you can forgive me for my mistake.

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