John Cusack · @johncusack

27th Jun 2022 from TwitLonger

With Sen Coryn saying outright - it’s time to look at Plessy V Ferguson and Brown V Board of education, its hard to overstate or imagine how massive and fundamental the shift backwards is
The fascist movement in America plans to take the country back in time far past the 50 years it did with Roe V Wade . Understand this is just the beginning , unless we stop them now .
6 federalist society judges , unelected, appointed by presidents who lost popular vote , and one justice , only after Mc Connell arbitrarily reduced the “ sacred number of justices “ by one – to deny , illegally – without precedent , a democratic president his lawful pic.
These 6 reactionary fascists – this unelected “ majority” doesn’t care progress was made in the past 50 years – they are citing history of the 18 th and 19 th centuries . Literally .

What we’re a given as iron clad constitutional rights are about to be bulldozed into rubble .

The goal is a return to the Lochner era from 1890 to 1937 - total protection for corporate & state power deregulation of everything – working conditions ,hours … every thing .

Strip away every right the new deal enshrined - and go further to create a permanent class of overlords and serfs .

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