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27th Jun 2022 from TwitLonger

In defense of my legacy @doublelift1 @lolstvicious @shiptur @voyboy @scarra

In regards to DL’s podcast at 31:30 https://youtu.be/8tJiZcN-hhE

A buddy mentioned that I got brought up on Doublelift's podcast the other day so I decided to check it out. Lots of old peers that I played with, against, and coached. Just to see that DL is talking trash about my name and none of these "peers" stand up or correct him in any way, shape or form. I think it's time to set the record straight because there seems to be a stigma around my name that started with you, and has been perpetuated by you and others.

Let’s start with the first statement. “Could not hang past 2 months in” Homie I played for another three years on Curse after getting kicked from CLG, coached Coast for almost a year, then did the challenger series for another year after that. I got kicked from CLG because we had a bad showing at IPL3, CLG was a big screaming match every game as everyone knew, and Chauster and I were not vibing as lane mates anymore. This had nothing to do with my solo queue rating as I have the top 500 icon for season 1, and the Diamond icon for season 2 to prove that. Diamond at that time was also equivalent to Masters/GM as those ranks didn’t exist yet.

Next up, "could only play 1 or 2 things." Now this is a laugh. My entire strength as a player was being a leading innovator of champions. I took Yorick support into tournaments and dunked lanes, I was the first player ever to take Nautilus into the bot lane in pro play. I popularized Zyra, and Fiddlesticks, so much so that it was banned against me at every event. I influenced the meta from my pro play in game, to my written content online. I quite literally shaped the game multiple times with my innovation by having such a unique and large pool of champions that I played. This is such a disingenuous statement about what I brought to the community, my abilities, and my influence as a professional player.

As far as the "turns out when he got kicked from clg was stuck in plat" comment, this actually happened when I was on Curse, and I started Season 3 in plat because I duoed all my placement games with a IRL buddy and tanked my rating. I was stuck in plat solo queue at the start of the season. No doubt this is true. However I have the challenger icon in S3 that states I wasn’t stuck there for long and finished the season as the top player that I was.

To further that, I have the Diamond icon in season 4, and 5, (I was Diamond 1 in both those seasons while I was coaching Coast in S4, and doing my own Coke Zero Challenger Series in S4 later that year into S5)

Now talking about my time in the LCS, I am pretty sure I am still in the top 10 for best KDA of all time. This may not still be accurate, as this image got linked to me a while back but the point still stands. I was able to maintain that spot for years.


Yeah I only played one split of LCS, but it has me rated in 3rd place overall. If I was so hard stuck garbage who couldn't hang, why do I have the solo queue ratings to say otherwise, and the LCS stats to back it up? 100% I was not the best player in the league, never claimed to be. However my game knowledge, my innovation, my ability to be a good teammate allowed me to play professionally for just under 5 years. This is undeniable.

It feels real crappy when I have a player I coached, two players I played with for almost my entire career, and another I played against for years, have nothing to say than to nod their heads in agreement that I was a hard stuck plat player who didn’t belong. Y’all got nothing positive to say even though I was right there with you guys for almost 5 years, living together, traveling together, hanging out together, experiencing the beginning of E-Sports together... It shows your true colors that if you don’t have any online clout to offer then you’re cut from the cool kids club, and no ones going to have your back.

DL you were a pain in my ass back in the day, and you’re still the single most negative influence around my name. Constantly talking shit on about me on stream, or in scrims, running your mouth and influencing how my career in pro play ended up. You constantly talked shit to Saint and others about me when I was on Curse, so much so it drove an even bigger wedge between him and I in the end which exacerbated all the problems we were having.

My legacy in League doesn’t need to take any more hits from you. Just because my time ended sooner than others doesn’t give you the right to still talk ill about me after all these years. I was a positive influence on the community in every way shape and form. I was also highly successful on every team I played on but because of your continued comments, what people remember me for is exactly what you’ve been lying about. That I was a hard stuck plat player who never belonged. That my accomplishments amount to getting kicked off teams, when that couldn't be further from the truth. I still to this day get harassed or talked down to on twitter, or when I stream for these exact comments. You talk about how negative solo queue is in your podcast, but you were and always have been the epitome of an online bully setting the worst type of example for the community.

Kindly fuck off, and keep my name out your mouth unless your going to put some respect on it. As you said in your podcast, I was part of paving the path in League of Legends E-Sports, walking then so those after me could run. So show a little class for once, will ya?

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