I'm looking for a new team as a free agent!

Hello everyone!

As you already know, recently Mad Lions decided to shut down the CS:GO division.

It’s been a few weeks since that information during which I focused to close all of my private things, which could have been an obstacle in reaching my next goals. I’ve also focused on working on my individual performance.

This is a perfect moment for me to start looking for a new team. I’m very motivated, and ready for new challenges, learning a new things, and utilizing my experience gathered throughout all of those years to achieve the goals set as a team.

Recently, I haven’t had any problems with adjusting to my new roles on the maps, and I was playing more passive role than I used to. I don’t have any issues with adapting to what is needed for the good of the team, and this situation also shown me that I became a more universal player that can be used in a various ways in the team.

I’m a person who works hard, and perform the entrusted tasks in the best possible way. I’m confident that I can play a vital role in a team that will fight for the highest goals.

If you think that I could be a missing part of your team, please reach out to me here: kuba@proplayers.gg

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