Taking a break

After over 8 years of non-stop grinding and competing it is time for me to take a step back and take a break.

Towards the end of stage 3 last year I was starting to get a strong feeling of burnout and fatigue, something that in the past I have quickly managed to recover from but this time it was different. I could feel it getting worse over time and I think all the years of stress and competition spanning 4 different games has finaly caught up to me.
After our run at SI I told the team how I felt ,that I needed a break and that I was okay with being replaced. However with the situation the team was in at the time and the big changes that were happening (losing 2 coaches and 2 players), it was decided I would stay for another season to help with the teams transition and that work is now done.

I wanna make it perfectly clear that I am not planning to retire, I am taking a break to recover and remotivate myself. Right now I have no timeframe for when I will return but I fully expect to be back at some point.

So what now?

Well, I have some things I want to do but my main goal is going to be living stress-free for a while and just taking it easy.

I want to work on my health, lose some weight, start playing basketball again and just overall trying to get more physical activity into my every day routine.
At some point I want to go on a vacation somewhere, while there has been a lot of travel over the past years its always been for work so im looking forward to going somewhere just for a vacation.
I still love playing games and im sure I cant stay away from the computer for long but im probably going to avoid FPS games. Been playing some World of Warcraft lately and with the new expansion being announced I will be grinding some M+ and raiding a bit.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over these years! It means a lot and im sure you will see me back competing again!

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