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18th May 2022 from TwitLonger

About Orange:

Trigger warning SA

I will no doubt be asked about Orange on stream later. I thought whether or not I would give an answer. It doesn't sit right with me so rather than talk about it on stream I want to give my thoughts here.

First of, Orange is a friend so this makes the situation harder. My first instinct was to wait for Orange to give a statement but having thought more I don't think I can just say nothing. I have read through the legal transcript of the events.

The crime took place in 2018 and conviction in 2019.

Purple was cancelled over allegations towards him about an unwanted advance. As far as I'm aware nothing was legally done about it and it was his word vs hers.

I keep seeing this narrative that Orange has shown remorse/accountability for his actions. To me I don't see this, at least not yet. Orange has been banned from hsesports for 1 year. You can't just brush that aside and not address why. What's more is that he has been legally convicted. That also is not going to stay quiet.
The crime took place in 2018. Since then we have had the Purple/Zalae drama where Orange has tweeted support to victims and condemned actions all the while quietly having a conviction of his own. I do think Orange is capable of remorse but to tweet out support to other victims hypocritically just shows an emptiness to those statements. To me it feels like he has just been caught out and his hand is forced to address it. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to the victim if she saw what Orange had been saying while knowing what he had done. Purple was condemned over allegations that were less serious than what Orange has been actually convicted of.

I've thought long about this last night and today. I'm not okay with this at all. If we just brush this aside we're saying to any victims of sexual assault out there that it doesn't matter that much. It's an unsafe environment for women in hearthstone when stuff like this keeps happening and we as a community need to show that there is zero tolerance on it.

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