NAVI Jady · @Jadyleet

10th May 2022 from TwitLonger

Taking a break / quitting competitive

Hello everyone, as you might know I've decided to take a break from valorant for a long time. First of all I wanna say thank you Natus Vincere for these 3 months, it was nice to play with some good players and talk on your own language. There is nice people working in NaVi, they always can help you no matter what. I understood, that I can't play on pro lvl right now, cause I need to fix my mental health and I wanna wish only good luck to the team, hope they will achieve everything that they want, because they have really good potential to show themselves. Also want to say thanks everyone who I played with, they always helped me to improve myself, hope I can play with them again. Thank you fans for your support this journey, appreciate all of you. See you /

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