New coaching bug on ESEA

Hello everyone, my team and I found an interesting moment. This is a new way of "training bug", with which you can collect information on the map and opponents on it. The 6th player enters the server after the knife round and he can fly around the map and is not visible in the tab. Because status command is not available on esea you can't check it.

A team called BIT eSports ( used this bug in the ESEA MAIN SEASON 41 league and tournaments:

ESEA EU Main League Division Cup - May 8th 2022;
ESEA EU 5v5 Spring Cash Cup #4 - 7th of May 2022 .

Below I will leave links to tournaments and matches in which this bug was used, you can download the demos yourself and check them out.
Their team for this season is participating in this scheme: Inzort, ifeep, impulse-, Pryan3ch, darkweb and the coach himself, who uses this bug s0undwave- (His stim).

New coaching bug on ESEA, image #1
On EU 5v5 Spring Cash Cup #4 7th of May 2022 against ARCRED 1XBET:
at the beginning, he tried to use this bug, but entered as the 6th player for their team.

Then he uploads and relogs to the server and starts using the bug. After switching sides, he again pours to reuse the bug, at the end of the first half he leaves the server again, enters and continues to play unfairly.

At ESEA EU Main League Division Cup - May 8th 2022 in the game against STRANGERS - everything is according to the same pattern, he enters and after the change of sides he pours.

Next, against the 1OAVG team - he went by the nickname daisy because. instamut and it is not in the tab, after the first half he came out again.

Further against the Madagaskar team - he went in and out.

And in the regular season ESEA SEASON 41 in the match against flowstate - came in and out.

Until this bug is fixed, pay attention to who enters the server and whether he is in the tab!

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